Jinnah Controversy Smells Sighting Somewhere and Targetting Somewhere Else [ Kahin Pe Nighahe Our Kahin Pe Nishana ] to Spread Hate Politics With an Eye on 2019

From Adv. Masood Peshimam
The Muslims in India are the historically defeated community for variety of reasons. One of the main reasons being the betrayal of the interests of the community by its own coreligionists. Dr. Iqbal described the betrayal of the community by its own coreligionists in the following words:
Jafar as Bengal, Sadique as Deccan
Nagne din, nange Millat, nange Watan
[Jafar from Bengal, Sadique from Deccan
The slur on the religion, slur on the community and slur on the nation].
Mir Jafar and Mir Sadique who betrayed Sirajouddaula in Plassy and Tipu Sultan at Suranga Pattam had larger dreams to cherish. They wanted to have fair share of the sultanate and other big rewards from the British.
In the current scenario the small time Muslim leaders are ready to be sold on the cup of tea or some small favour. These small time leaders have emerged through the multiple platforms like Mushaira [poetic proceeding], Iftar Parties, Idd Milan, charitable programmes like collective marriages, free distribution of note books, Urdu school and college functions so on and so forth. These programmes are not perse bad and there is no attempt to denigrate or undermine their efficacy but they provide the platforms for the small time leaders to assert their social role without the depth of calibre and sincerity. Politics now a days has become a business without investment. Then there is the fluency of all the grandiose benefits like money, status and what not. In this situation the honesty of purpose and the sense of integrity take the backseat.
It is against this murky scenario that some sort of Muslim sought the permission to open the R.S.S. Shakha in Aligarh Muslim University. The Vice Chancellor Tarique Mansoori was thus put in a profound unease to answer the proposal who left the matter unresolved. The proposal was absurd with the lurking question if the branch of Jamate Islami, Jamate Ulmai Hind or MIM would be accommodated in Banaras Hindu University. Would anyone dare to talk in such terms.
R.S.S. Shakha or any fundamental organisation of any hue or colour has no scope to flourish in Aligarh Muslim University or any other university for that matter as the Leftist Unions are dominating the scene in the universities. The narrow sentiments or the communal interests have failed to fashion the growth of the social environment in these universities. Once such perception and expectation of opening up the Shakha was dashed to the ground no time was lost in generating the controversy over the Jinnah portrait which kept hanging since 1938. Jinnah portrait kept hanging since 1938 as he was the Life Member of the University. There are a lot of portraits of other dignitaries hanging in the University. Jinnah’s portrait since 1938 never ran into any controversy whatsoever. Jinnah’s portrait does not determine the identification with Jinnah’s ideology or showing any favour for the creation of Pakistan though the fact also remains Jinnah was not alone responsible for the partition of the Country. Guru Golwalkar propounded the two nation theory much before Jinnah. Instead of frustrating the concept of the partition of the Country the efforts were underway to create the conditions quite conducive for the growth of Pakistan. Significant it is to note that one Congress top gun explaining his conciliatory approach towards Pakistan said that the absence of the creation of Pakistan would introduce many a Pakistans in the Government Departments. It was Moulana Azad and other Muslim leaders who tooth and nail opposed the creation of Pakistan. Bulk of Muslim leadership expressed dissatisfaction with the partition of the country.
Jinnah himself a political paradox never reconciled with the initiating of Khilafat Movement by Gandhiji with the support of the Ali brothers. To Jinnah any talk of reviving the sagging fortunes of khilafat was an anathema. Jinnah always made an onslaught over the religious based politics. He was a veteran Congress man enjoying good equations with the Congress Leadership. He fought the sedition case of Lokmanya Tilak and won it. He virtually made the British judges dash to the ground while fighting the cases of the freedom fighters. He was never the picture of subservience before the British judges. An incident well explains with what position of strength Jinnah could talk with British Judges.
It so happened that one British judge noticed a bug somewhere in the Bar and with all the contempt and ridicule said that there was bug at the Bar. Jinnah lost no time in reacting that of course it came from the Bench.
Jinnah was bold enough to boycott the British judges who had convicted the Indian freedom fighters.
His forefathers were Lohana Kachchi who did not come within the fold of mainstream Islam. He was khoja who married a Parsi without converting her. His daughter was Parsi who recently died in U.S.
His daughter had a litigation concerning Jinnah House in Mumbai. She desired Jinnah’s name to be removed from Jinnah House may be to curry favour with the authorities to retake Jinnah House.
It’s not understood as to what made Jinnah quite liberal and catholic in his approach come close to Muslim League and stamp his signature over the creation of Pakistan.
Concerning Jinnah and the creation of Pakistan it is relevant to quote what an eminent journalist Aakar Patel wrote in Times of India dated 6th May 2018
He said “Jinnah accepted the nature of tribal voting in the Subcontinent and stuck to his guns. If Hindus wanted a United India they would have to accommodate Muslims politically. We chose not to then and we have not now as the numbers starkly reveal”.
Even with the creation of Pakistan Jinnah wanted Pakistan to be a secular state where Muslims ceased to be Muslims and Hindus ceased to be Hindus and Christians ceased to be Christians.
Jinnah was square peg in the round whole as Pakistani society was and is dominated by the Muslim fanatics. Jinnah’s vision of Pakistan could not match the fanatics in Pakistan. Fanaticism in Pakistan always remained a destabilising factor inviting all the disasters. Fanatics whether Hindus or Muslims are not ready to tolerate the differences spelling lawlessness in the society. Very saddening it is to note that these fanatics have been growing a strong component in our society.
However notwithstanding the reasons for the creation of Pakistan we are socially a demolished lot who are to bear all the brunt of that catastrophic event despite the fact that Indian Muslims have disowned Pakistan.
Jinnah’s portrait was a matter of prepartition days which was put up due to his contribution to the expansion of Aligarh Muslim University and his life membership. The portrait was put up in the year 1938 which has nothing to do with the creation of Pakistan.
There was no modicum of protest over the Jinnah portrait since 1938 and Jinnah’s articles preserved in Bombay High Court and there is the famous Jinnah House.
Jinnah was very much admired by Lal Krishna Advani and Jaswant Singh for his secular and broader outlook and there was no murmur of protest then. Even M.C. Chhagla, the then Education Minister in Ms Gandhi’s Government has quite appreciated Jinnah for his legal acumen and sharpness. It was same Chhagla who never wrote his name as Mohammad Karim and willed to be cremated. No harsh wards were used for Chhagla’s comments over Jinnah.
It’s not understood as to what made right wing Yuva Vahini stir the hornet’s nest in the name of Jinnah’s portrait in Aligarh Muslim University. The very discontent was spread when the former Vice President Hamid Ansari was to address some gathering at AMU and he was to be bestowed with some sort of life membership. Instead of sorting out the matter with the Vice Chancellor Tarique Mansoori the members of Yuva Vahini barged into the premises of the University armed with all sorts of weapons under the very protection of the police. The Yuva Vahini owes its origin to the rabidly communal C.M. Yogi Adityanath of U.P. The forceful entry of the right wing forces led to the eruption of violence between the Right Wingers and the students of AMU in which police allegedly sided with the Rightwing Yuva Vahini. The alleged partisan role of the police is not unusual as there are gruesome stories of police atrocities in the spate of communal violence incidents. The allegedly partisan role of the police accompanied with all the brutalities in Meerat, Malyana, Mumbai and Gujarat are too well known to recount. The weak and quite vulnerable Muslim Minority is always at the receiving end. The prejudiced narrative of police acting against the interest of Muslims does not mean that the entire police force is communal.
That apart Hamid Ansari became the distressing figure for those in corridors of power over his remarks that Muslims are not safe in India while stepping out of the shadow of his office. The gruesome incidents of mob lynching resulting in to the death of quite a few Muslims are not in contrast with what Former Vice President had to say. Ansari called spade a spade which drew the sharpest level of vituperation from the communal forces. Echoing some concern over the worsening plight of Muslims tantamount to all sorts of liabilities. Poor Antulay was the case in point who was disowned by his own Party when he questioned the mysterious circumstances in which Hemant Karkare was killed. The bigwigs of Congress stayed away from his funeral. Otherwise he was the Man Friday of Congress. The late Yunus Salim was shunted out from Indira Government when he tried to visit riot torn Aligarh then. The incidents galore. It’s good to note that Hamid Ansari has the leftist leanings. Otherwise all sorts of cock and bull stories would have spun around him. The members of the Right Winger Yuva Vahini cared a boot for the presence of the Former Vice President. The very eruption of violence in AMU in the presence of Hamid Ansari does explain as to how powerless Muslim dignitaries are in the Country. The allegedly partisan role of the police and the right winger Hindutva Forces out to bully AMU students in submission in the presence of the Former Vice President is not only a slur on Ansari but also amounting to the slur over the very prestige of the Office of the Vice President. Despite such messy situation there are big T.V. anchors of big TV channels shouting from the house tops of the virtues of Vibrant Secular Democracy the upholding of the sanctity of human rights, the impartial justice so on so forth. The virtual assault over all such good values in the broad day light sometimes with the backing of those in the corridors of power are not seen by these shouting TV brigade. The counter narratives are not going to make these top TV anchors see the truth as they are swayed by the communal passions and have the blinkered vision.
Meantime subsequent to the unsavoury incident in Aligarh Muslim University it is learnt that stringent sections like 307 of IPC are slapped against the students of MOU. In the wake of Bhima Koregaon clash the same stringent sections were slapped against the Dalits.
Advocate Vilas Landge, the Secretary of Kalyan Bar Association in Maharashtra lamenting the plight of Dalits hold disunity of Dalits responsible for their woes.
Those opposing the portrait of Jinnah remained silent when P.M. Modi dropped into Nawaz Sharif’s family wedding in Pakistan on way from Afghanistan. That apart there would be the joint Indo-Pak Military Exercise in Russia with the participation of China. The silence of the Yuva Vahini and the likes is enigmatic.
The whole narrative of communal forces is to synchronise the concept of nationalism with the Hindutva. Blending nationalism with Hindutva is to polarise the society with an eye on 2019 election.
It is with an eye on 2019 the slogans are raised like Mandir vahi banega. [Temple would be built there itself]. The Mandir is already built. The Masjid is no more in existence. What else is required now.
It’s all vote bank politics which qualifies the brute victimization of Muslims and other vulnerable sections no end.
Meantime noted lyricist Javed Akhtar jumped in to the fray questioning the very logic of the Jinnah portrait in AMU. Javed Akhtar was very hard on the gruesome incidents like Khatua in Kashmir and Unnao in U.P. He was to assuage the ruffled feathers and save his skin from the consequences of his harsh comments which must have driven him to jump in the fray.
The question is whether the trouble is with Jinnah’s portrait or with the existence of the University itself.
Jinnah portrait dispute is a latest in the unending series of inanities. The interest behind Jinnah portrait controversy lies somewhere else. It’s like kahin pe nishana or kahin pe nigahe
[the sighting is somewhere and the targeting and hunting elsewhere]. The track record of BJP government is abysmally low and the party is to win 2019 by hook or crook. The weak and vulnerable are the easy targets. Hence the formula is very simple. Target Muslims and consolidate the communal vote bank. The Communal Forces would experience no letup in their assault over the values of justice, fair play, equity and secularism as the various Institutions or Components of the Government have failed to save an onslaught over justice which is crying need of the hour. With the failure of the different Components of the Government it is difficult to see the situation alter.