Police behaviour on protest on Rape

New Delhi, 19th April, 2018: Kerala state police has arrested around thousand people who protested on Asifa issue. People arrested are on non-bailable charges. It is a shame. The reason is that the protest was initiated by the Muslim groups. Violence was also stated as a reason.
Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister of Kerala (A member of the Politburo of the Communist Party of India, Marxist) must remember that much bigger violence was initiated by left organisations in the past. Even the Congress government did not behave in the same manner on the left on such occasions. If the victim is a Muslim, the Muslims have every right to protest. You can take action on those who conducted violence. But not on Muslims in general who protested. That will become a communal action by the LDF. Secondly, There is a basic confusion for many people. One should first understand that women through their gender identity as well as sexual identity are marginalised. Gender is a social construct. Sex is a biological construct. Both are power dynamics of patriarchy. However, both these identities have multiple marginalisation when it is combined with caste, minority religion, nationality, race, or any marginalised culture.
A dalit woman can be raped not just for being a woman, but for being a dalit as well. In Kandhamal and Gujarat, women were raped not just for being women, but for being Christians or Muslims. In fact, the rapists have even articulated this while raping. Now, if you can’t understand this phenomenon, it is only sheer political ignorance. Please understand that during every war and every communal violence women are targeted not to conquer a woman, but to express power over another community. For they know that men of the other community will be weakened if their women are targeted.
Women in Kashmir and North East were raped in large numbers not just for being women, but for being part of a marginalised nationality identity on their bodies. We better understand this reality. This doesn’t mean a justification for the women’s oppression within the minority religions. However, it has to be accepted that women face double or triple or multiple marginaisations depending upon the context of their identities. Going by the LDF logic, Muslims should not have a right to protest on Gujarat genocide and Christians should not have a right to protest on Kandhamal. It is like saying that if the victimised identities protest, it will become communal.
Arrest those who indulged in violence. Release all others immediately.