Unani Medicines camp held at Bullaki Adda in Lucknow by Dr. Salman Khalid-CEO of Fehmina Unani and Research Centre

Lucknow witnessed a grand pushback in the traditional mode of medicines. Unani Medicines, which has its origin in Greece but has been practiced in India and Asia, for the last 2500 years. Pandey park in Bullaki Adda, area of Lucknow, was buzzing with great festivities since morning, as a huge Unani Medicines was being held by Fehmina Unani and Research Centre. Dr Salman Khalid said that main aim of the day long camp, is to introduce and popularise the Traditional method of Unani medical treatment. He said that Unani medicines is nearly 2500 years old and originated in Greece. As the name itself states “”Yunan””, states that it a Perso -Arabic traditional mode of medicines, which was introduced and practised during the Mughal period and also in Asian countries. Dr Salman Khalid said that the unani medicine, goes to the roots of the disease and cures it from there. It keys more importance to the dietary and it’s digestive system..He further elaborated that medicines are prescribed according to the temperament of the patients and are classified into 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th stages or degrees. Nearly 300 patients came to attend this day long camp,  and the next camp would be held on 31st March, at Mahabaleshwar Mandir. The popular Cupping method ,was also shown and applied on many patients. 
Unani medical system is based on 4 basic principles Phlegm  (Balgum) ,Blood -(Dam), Yellow bile -( Safra ) and lastly Black bile -(Sauda).
by Afzal Ali Shah Maududi, Editor