Muslims held protest at Bhaderwah in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu, 9th March 2018: A large number of Muslims staged a peaceful protest demonstration in Bhaderwah valley in Jammu and Kashmir to express solidarity to the victims of ongoing crisis in Syria, a Western Asia country. Soon after offering Friday afternoon prayers, accompanied by clerics they gathered at outside Masjid area under the banner of Anjuman Islamia Bhaderwah and staged a peaceful protest demonstration. They displayed banners seeking the public to pray for Syria and world nations to condemn the ongoing genocide.
While addressing gathering the AIB president Pervaiz Ahmed Shaikh, National Human Rights (Social Council of Justice) district Doda in charge Najmus Saqib, social activist Reyaz Ahmed Najar, Adil Ganei, Javeed Shora and others said there was an urgent for the world to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Syria. The country has been tormented by civil war.
Innocent civilians, especially children, are being killed in large numbers during government airstrikes and bombardments and the retaliation by the jihadist militant groups. Millions of citizens have fled Syria to neighbouring Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Canada they noted.
The crisis was caused by the US, which wanted to display its imperialistic hegemony. The media should highlight the plight of children displaced and orphaned during the civil war so that help reaches them, they said.
-by Mansoor Qadir, J&K