Majlis addressed by Shia Islamic scholar from London -in memory of Siraj Mehdi late mother.

The city of Lucknow witnessed the presence of the visit of renowned Shia Islamic scholars Maulana Syed Ali Raza Rizvi front London and The dargah of Hazrat Abbas  (AS ) Syed Ahmed Ali Safai  was represented by the Muttawalli Janab Maulana Jalokhan Sharai .of The Dargah Hazrat Abbas. They had brought the flag of the Dargah, first ziarat.

On the occasion of the Majlis, held in the memory of  UP Congress party vice-president and Chairman of its Minorities cell, Siraj Mehdi, late mother S.Hasan Bandhi Bibi, at the historical Shahnajaf Imambara, the Maulana addressed the hugely attended Majlis. Eminent persons from the community like Dr.Ammar Rizvi,Sharib Radaulvi, Sr.Journalist Pradeep kapoor, as well as people from various walks of life ,were there to pay homage to the departed soul. . Dr.Nayyar Jalalpuri anchored the program.

Afzal Ali Shah Maududi 
Bureau Chief /Editor