IMA raises agitation against NMC Bill-2017 with Bharat Yatra

Doctors from all 1725 branches will take part

New Delhi: Doctors’ Mahapanchayat has been scheduled on 25th March 2018 at Indira Gandhi Stadium, New Delhi by IMA. The National President IMA, Dr Ravi Wankhedkar, along with Hony. Secretary General, Dr. R.N.  Tandon, embarked on a nationwide march ‘IMA Bharat Yatra’ from 25th February 2018 in order to deprecate the current form of the National Medical Commission Bill 2017  from Kanyakumari/Kolkatta.

“The bill which has the potential to adversely alter the course of medical education and healthcare delivery in India will also make irrevocable damage if passed in its current forms. Cutting across the party lines, members of Parliament has also showcased their concern and opposition for the bill, which has now been referred to the standing committee. Vehemently opposing the commission, IMA has already started a march across India and will converge before the Doctors’ Mahapanchayat in New Delhi. Over 20,000 medical fraternities are expected at the venue.” said Dr Ravi Wankhedkar, National President, IMA.

Certain clause in the bill has raised the topic to a fiercely debatable level. IMA which is a self regulating body run by doctors has over 1725 local branches across the country and has flagged simultaneous Yatras across the country to generate awareness among masses.

“According to the commission the guidelines for framing and determining the fee structure for private medical institutes will be limited to 40%.  As the remaining 60% of seats does not come under the guidelines shall be charging higher fee, this clause is paradoxical in nature and makes it pro-rich reservation system. If functional, this means that the present ratio of 15% allotted to private and deemed universities for charging high fees stands augmented to the entire 60% which itself is a real travesty of its kind.” said Dr R.N.Tandon, Hony. Secretary General, IMA.

Upon promulgation of the NMC Bill 2017, the Indian Medical Council Act stands repealed as the prescribing screening test for foreign graduates will be rendered to nullity. The clause stipulates that the exam will be operational within three years of commencement of the act. It is imperative to note that there are several students who have sought admission to medical institutions outside India after procuring eligibility certificate by the Medical Council of India and therefore, are legitimately entitled to appear for the screening test after acquiring foreign graduate medical qualification.

On one hand there is an exist competence test for MBBS and on other hand “Bridge course for graduates from other medical systems (Ayush) who can start practicing allopathic medicine will be a mere deceiving for the MBBS students. With such liberal provisions if incorporated will only end up with half-baked and ill-equipped medical practices which will put the health of Indian population at stake, says Dr Vinay Aggarwal Past National President & Coordinator IMA Doctors’ Mahapanchayat Clinical Establishments Act and violence on doctors and hospitals are some of the other issues. Doctor Patient relationship is on a low ebb and a trust deficit will enhance between today’s doctor and patient.” The doctor-patient relationship has been deteriorating over the past few years. Trust, the basic premise of this relationship, has been undermined. The proposed National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill is another example. While, people may perceive this bill as pertaining only to the medical profession; however, some provisions in the Bill are also detrimental to public health like Bridge Courses and hike in number of Management Quota Seats in medical colleges, says Dr. K K Aggarwal, Imm. Past National President, IMA. It will hamper the quality of treatment and increase the cost of treatment as well, says  Dr Narender Saini Former Sec Gen IMA & National Coordinator, Cycle Yatra. Basic theme of this rally which is happening on 11th March is make people aware that this NMC Bill is Anti People.

He also informed that four cyclist from Kalkotta, Kanayakumari, Mumbai and Amritsar will be reaching for Doctors’ Mahpanchayat in Delhi on 25th March with carrying the message for public – Health First and creating awareness about NMC bill among Public.

To begin with and creating momentum throughout country and with aim  to connect with  society and consolidate the fraternity, CYCLE RALLY  is being organized all over India on 11th   March, 2018 through 1725 Branches of IMA . This will carry message for common public on ill effects of various Acts imposed on medical fraternity mainly focusing on National Medical Commission Bill.

Cycle Yatra will move from 4 corners of India on 12th & 18th March, 2018 and will culminate on 25th March, 2018 at Doctors’ Mahapanchyat at New  Delhi.