Rajya Sabha polls will increase BJP strength but still short of majority

Lucknow, 27th February, 2018: The race for the 10 Rajya Sabha seats, in UP which goes to polls on 23rd March 2018, does not require much mathematical calculations for the first 9 seats. It is the last 10th seat which will bring all the acumen and political strategist, of all political parties, to win it. BJP will try to wrest this seat too or will the opposition unite to stop BJP juggernaut.
Normally the formula for the polls of Rajya Sabha seat number of vacant seats plus one, divided by number of MLA’s in the assembly. After this one is added to the result reached. Here in this case for UP, Number of seats vacant is 10 plus 1 is = 11, divided by number of MLA’S that is 403. It comes to = 36.63. Adding 1 to this is 37.63. Rounding it up is 38. So finally, each candidate needs 38 votes , to travel to New Delhi Parliament.
Going by the strength of BJP in UP assembly, of 325, it will smoothly pocket 8 seats. SP has 47 MLA’S, hence it can capture just 1 seat. Now it remains to be seen,in whose pocket will the 10th seat will go.?.Will the opposition combine together to clinch this most important 10th seat or will BJP again play Chanakya Neeti and sail through. The opposition combine of SP, BSP, and Congress have not till the timing of this report, had not come to any combined candidature. Congress spokesman Hilal Naqvi, speaking to our editor said they have not decided on any individual candidate of its party or any combined candidate, of the opposition. He also disclosed that they have not reached to any understanding with either BSP or SP. The BSP spokesperson Pawan Sagar categorically said it is BSP supremo Mayawati, who will announce at its press conference, it’s future course of action for the elections. There was no response from SP in spite of numerous calls.
By Afzal Ali Shah Maududi, Editor-Lucknow.