Perspectives of Forest Workers, Dalits / Adivasi, Women, Labourers and other marginalized sections

Lucknow, 26 February 2018 : The budget presented by the U P government in assembly has been examined by the movements working for Forest Working People, Handloom, Dalit, Land, Adivasi, Health, Women & child rights. The report was released in the conference by the movement’s representatives / leaders Adv Roma Malik, All India Union of Forest Working People (AIUFWP); Arundhati Dhru, National Alliance of People’s Movement (NAPM); Arun Khote, People’s Media Advocacy Research Centre (MPARC), Jagjeevan Bauddh, Social Education Movement, Maharshtra; Adv. Shailendra Pratap Rawat, Alliance of Dalit Association; Ram Kumar, Dynamic Action Group (DAG). The report for the movements was prepared a team headed by Umesh Babu, Delhi Solidarity Group and presented
The UP Budget 2018-19 is not addressing the people’s problem in either sector. Government Budget Estimate in the year 2017-18 was Rs.4,17,257 Cr and in the year 2018-19 it is Rs. 4,56,248 Cr. This is marginal increase in the budget. But total expenditure of budget 2017-18 till Jan 2018 is only 37.91%. In next two month government has to spend 62% of budget. It is a shameless style of working of an elected political party.
In agriculture (grant number 11) Rs. 36687.31 Cr was allocated in the year 2017-18 but only Rs. 20403.49 Cr (55.61%) could be spent till Jan 2018. Similarly expenditure for ST (Grant 81) is 24.16 %, Scheduled Castes (grant 83) is 45.69%, Handicapped & Backward Class (grant 79) is 26 %, Women & child is 43.3% and Forest Department is 47.56 %.
Increase in the current budget denounces all public rights from a welfare State. Major allocations are made in manner that benefits private sector and corporate. Examples can be seen from the Agriculture loan / insurance scheme and observation of Comptroller and Auditor General of India and also from the allocations made for SC/ST, etc. enough evidence.
The subsidy on certified seed was Rs. Rs. 65 Cr in the year 20117-18 and is reduced to Rs. 55 Cr in the year 2018-19. Similarly several other schemes that benefits to the farmers have reduced budgetary allocations. Overall budget is against the interest of farmers.
Forest working people have suffered from the relief as government is abandoning many schemes that directly benefit them. Social Forestry (CCL) District Plan, expenditure in the year 2016-17 was Rs 230.51 Cr and reduced to Rs. 120 Cr in the year 2018-19.
For Scheduled Castes Rs. 24,448 Cr is allocated. Out of it Rs. 2307 Cr is loan to power sector companies. Rs. 1713 Cr is for canal and highways construction. Allocations in schemes like dairy, fisheries, sugar cane subsidy, etc. are reduced drastically or abandoned.
Labour department (Employment) has started winding up its offices by reducing budget in the activities that matters for employment exchanges and employment to the youth. For example for Employment Exchange offices there is budget of Rs. 66 Cr in the year 2018-19, but allocation for facilitating training and distributing materials is Rs. 0.151 Cr for entire State.
Health Department has mockery of the budget making process. It is manipulated figures of increase and decrease in two purposes Salary and ‘charges for professional and other services’ and the amount reduction and increase exactly Rs. 1177.84 Cr. Similar lapses are found everywhere in health.
For women and child welfare budget is increased from Rs. 6353 Cr to Rs. 7481 Cr but allocation in schemes like Maternal welfare, nutritional feeding to malnourished children, nutritional feeding to pregnant women have been abandoned.
Overall picture of State Budget is just another Jumla and government want to sell the illusion of Achchhe Din to the people.
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