New Tourism Policy 2018 unveiled by Minister Rita Bahuguna Joshi. Tourism declared Industry with emphasis on PP participation.

Lucknow, 19th February, 2018: The Tourism Minister Rita Bahuguna Joshi in a press conference unveiled the New Tourism Policy 2018 describing UP as the most important tourist state. After consultation with 24 department of the government, it has been decided to follow PP model of development Notice Ayog also describes that with an initial investment of 10 lakhs, employment for 90 persons will be created, in tourism industry. She said our aim is to increase foreign tourism by 10 % and domestic by 15 % .The state has already received proposal for investment to the tune of 5000 crores. The target in Investment Summit would be 10,000 crores.
The following important policy decisions taken by vibrant Adityanath government of UP are Interested are providing a subsidy of 5 % of the loan amount with maximum amount of Rs.25 Lakh per annum for a period of 5 years and 100 % exemption of on sale /lease / transfer of land for the first transaction and 100 %waiver on land use conversion and development charges for all new tourism units. Another important decisions is the Reimbursement of 100 % of Hospitality related course fees for upto Rs.10 thousand per person per course duration of fortnight. Another is subsidy of Rs.5 lakes to individual /group involved in reviving the indigenous and scarce art, music, craft folk dance and cuisine of UP. Capital incentive of 25 % of the capital cost of the project and interest subsidy of 5 % upto 25 lakhs, first 5 years. Land Bank creation by pooling of unitised land of various departments including Revenue, Irrigation.
Realising the importance of Tourism industry, the UP government has finally woken up to formulate a new dynamic and vibrant policy for optimum utilisation of the tourism potential of the state, The government released the Uttar Pradesh Tourism policy 2018 In a press conference address by Tourism minister Rita Bahuguna Joshi announced the launch of the new policy and invited the investors community to plan Tourism projects in UP. Along with, Awanish Kr. Awasthi Director General Tourism also highlighted major policy decisions.
Minister highlighted the multiplier effect of investment, where an investment of 10 lakhs creates job for 90 persons in the tourism sector. Tourism policy will lay foundation to make UP, the most preferred tourism destination in India, by creating tourism infrastructure, generating employment and ensuring quality visitors. She also emphasised on the safety and security of foreign tourist, which will be a priority of the state government.
Mr. Awanish Awasthi disclosed that the government grants status of Industry to all the activities of the tourism sector, for a period of 5 years. It will convert 10 heritage buildings to heritage hotels per year. In addition it will dreamed a Land bank and special focus to promote Eco Tourism and drive local entrepreneur thru fairs and me last.
Director General also shared that various Circuit like Ramayana, Krishna, Buddhist, Wildlife, Eco-Tourism? Kabir/Sufi and join circuits will also be created. Minister Rita Bahuguna aldosterone shared Yogi Adityanath vision of at least 4 -5 people visit to Pray again khumbh from each of 6.5 lakhs villages of India.
Concluding remarks were given by Awanish Awasthi where he assured that thru this policy the state will drive immense tourism investment and develop quite tourism products and services, generate employment, upgrade skills and realise the much needed tourism potential of Uttar Pradesh.
by Afzal Ali Shah Maududi, Editor /Bureau Chief