Irrigation department will be free of Corruption. Gomti will be cleaned.Dharampal Singh Minister Irrigation

Dhrampal Singh; Minister Irrigation UP Government, while outlying the budget allocation to his ministry, in the current budget also highlighted the significant works ,done by his department recently.He said that the aim of his minister will be to give maximum benefits to the farmers, villagers and the the downtrodden. He disclosed that irrigation projects worth Rs.2054 crores will be completed by 2020. Saryu Nahar Project which was started in 1978 will now be completed and rivers like Ravi, Ganthak will merge into it. 

Gomti river will be cleansed and the work will start from Pilibhit, for a distance of 40 KM. Also public participation and schemes under MGREGA will be done. Other rivers like Varuna in Varanasi, Saii in Pratapgarh,Airalyy in Barielly, Badayu ki Srot ,will also be cleaned. He said overflowing water from other river will be diverted onto Gomti river. 

Speaking to the Editor ,Dhrampal Singh ,Minister said that Adequate funds will be released for MahaKhumbh Mela in Allahbad; He said Work was in progress for construction of Ghats in Mathura also. Regarding encroachment, Minister said that there is encroachment on 3600 hectares of land ,out of which 1284 hectares have been released. He said “”Irrigation  Department will be Sichaii mei Sachaiy “”
Afzal Ali Shah Maududi
Editor /Bureau Chief.