Growth oriented budget focuses on Development. for year 2018 -19

Yogi Adityanath  goverment presented its, 2nd budget of 4,28,384 crores focusing on development and education, agriculture, power and religious -heritage tourism. Presenting the 2018-19 ,budget finance minister Rajesh Agarwal said it is a hike if 11.4% over-the-counter last years budget and is the largest for any state. The budget include new schemes of Rs.14,341 crores. The state government is relying heavily on central schemes in the run up ofc2019 elections. A strong emphasis has been on developing infrastructure to augment the economic growth.

No new tax  or tariff hike has been imposed in the budget,clearly indicates the government intentions in keeping the 2019 general elections in mind.It is a deficit  financial budget of 4453 crores, which is around 2.96%of the state GDP. The government gas given a sharp increase of 600 crores for industrial growth and another 22 % for  road infrastructure and development. It’s has focused on employment generation by allocation of 250 crores for a new scheme One District One Product  (ODOP). A hike of 15 % has been given to agriculture sector.Increase of 1.3 % in education has been allocated, which is perhaps the lowest ever.Efucation has got 68,000 crores which is 16 % of the budget. 
A provision of 83 crores for Chief Minister Food processing Mission, 75 crores for DDU Mini dairy scheme, Rs. 11,500 crores for Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna, 200 crores for Mukhyamantri. Minorities welfare gets 2757 crores.

 Awas yojna, 1040 crores for National Rural Livelihood Mission, 609 crores for Industrial Development policy and 500 crores for New Industrial Policy, 650 crores for Bundelkhand Expressway project, 550 for Gorakhpur Link expressway, 1000 crores for Poorvanchale expressway and another 500 crores for Agra-Lucknow expressway. Provision of 250 crores for ODOP Scheme, 291 crores for Pradhan Mantri Matra Vandana Yojna. A increase of 17.3 % in medical education, Rs. 11343 crores for construction of roads and another 1817 for Bridges. An amount of Rs 1614  crores first Saryu Canal project. A target to give electricity connections to about 1,50 crores house holds by March 2019 under Saubhagya Yojna and another Rs. 29883 crores first various Energy sector projects. 
A budget of Rs 1500 crores for Khumbh Mela 2019, 2217 for Pradhan Mantri Awas yojna and another Rs.1100 for Swacha Bharat Mission, 2200 crores for Amrut Yojna, Rs 200 for DDU adarsh nagar panchayat yojna to develop one nagar panchayat in every district..Rs.18167 crores for Sarva Siksha Abhiyan,  8815 crores for various scheme of women and children welfare. An amount of 7858 crores for Welfare and Development schemes of general category and Schedule caste. Rs. 1705 for Backward class welfare scheme. A provision of Rs.70 crores for Implementing UP Tourism policy, 100 crores to develop infrastructure facilities in the Circuit. 
On the Revenue side target to collect 71500 from GST and VAT,  23000 crores from Excise Duty; Rs 18000 crores through Stamps and duty registration fee, 7400 crores by way of Motor Vehicles Tax.The total receipts of Rs 4,20,899 crores are estimated in the year 2018 -19. And the total expenditure stands at 4,28,384.52 crores, thus a Fiscal deficit of 44,053.32 crores is estimated in the Financial year 2018 -19. .The state debt liability is estimated at 29.8 % of the state GDP. 

Afzal Ali Shah Maududi