External Affairs and U.P. Government organises 2 day workshop on Migration and Development related to U P.in Lucknow

Overseas Indian Division of Ministry of External Affairs and the State Government of Uttar Pradesh through the UPFC with the technical support of ICM and International Organization – United Nation Agency for Migration is organizing a two-day workshop on migration, development and diaspora issues pertaining to the state of Uttar Pradesh with the overall objective to facilitate orderly, safe and well-managed migration.
The aim of the workshop is to strengthen the collaboration between various stakeholders to develop and implement a comprehensive migration policy. The event is bringing together different stakeholders from the country to jointly customize a strategy for a more successful migration management in the State of Uttar Pradesh. The key objectives of the conference include informing participants on the dynamics of labour mobility between Uttar Pradesh and the Gulf States and to Identify priority issues of mutual interest and promote actions which will facilitate fair, humane and economical recruitment of skilled manpower from the state of Uttar Pradesh.
While inaugurating of the workshop Ms Swati Singh, Minister of State NRI, Uttar Pradesh stated that “the Government is sensitive about the need of migrants and shall take all the necessary steps to safeguard the rights of migrants from the state” she further stated that the state will not tolerate the illegal recruitment agents who misled the innocent migrants by giving false promises and send them overseas. “the Government will take stringent action against any agent who will do recruitment against the laid down law”.
During the occasion, Minister inaugurated the Hindi Version of Pre-Departure Orientation manual developed by ICM and IOM. Officials from Ministry of External Affairs, State Government of Uttar Pradesh, Regional Passport office, Protector of Emigrant and Inter governmental organization were present at the occasion.
by Afzal Ali Shah Maududi, Bureau Chief, Lucknow.