Economic and Emotional Investment Necessary – President Ram Nath Kovind at Valedictory function of UP Investors Summit 2018.

The two day UP Investors Summit 2018 came to a grand finale with the President expressing his full faith in the development and growth of the state, as PM Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath projected. The President Ram Kovind said “The investors have shown great support and motivation, by signing 1045 MoU and pledging, amount equal to UP budget of 4,28,000 lakhs crores”. He said that Economic and Emotional investment should be there.
He said that “these investors have shown great enthusiasm due to dynamic policies of the Yogi Government and the task of taking forward this development will also need whole hearted support of the people” He applauded the Yogi government for maximum allocation of budget to Education, which is the most important element in the growth of the nation.”This present allocation will go in long way of investment and in educational facilities, in schools, technical colleges like IIT /IIM/Universities. This will have a far reaching effect on youths, employment, income generation, and development. He particularly mentioned ODOP schemes which he compared to countries like Italy and Scandinavian, which have increased their incomes, multiple times through branding and proper marketing of their products and handicraft industries.
G. Ram Naik said that migration of labour will stop, by development policies of Yogi government. Her said this summit has clearly surpassed similar events held in Gujarat. He said since he himself is from Mumbai, where 65% population still lives in slums, is all due to people searching jobs, migrate. If UP creates developmental atmosphere, here itself, people and labour force will stop migration and state development will take place here itself, revenue will also increase manifold. He said that unveiling of ODOP scheme on UP Divas was a monumental step, towards this.
IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said the government aim is to convert Noida as 2nd Singapore, making it into a global hub of Electronic manufacturers, Education, Global conferences place and with new International airport coming up at Jewar, all these developments will benefit UP.
Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that this summit, is a major step which will change the political scene of UP. Development will be the main key and UP will play a major role in India development and progress. He said that Government, leaders, and chief ministers change, but all such changes do not induce changes in the fate of the state. FM said “that in todays globalisation era, investors gave a wide choice to invest in any state and in this context State Government role and policies, plays most important role.”
Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that PM while allocating the defence corridor has placed a huge responsibility on the head of the state for development. She said that to set up a defence industrial corridor in UP was put together in flat 18 days, which required detail and through planning. She further said that there is a budgetary provision for two defence corridors. If UP is interested, it can become even a possibility.
Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that our government is serious in decent he state and are ready to take challenging task of becoming the number one state, in the country. He further said law and order in the state is conducive for development projects. Infrastructure is in order and many new project related to it are fast on completion. It’s in a Political stability state, and ease of doing business is our policy. He said that transportation, railways network, power, airports and it’s network, which are all engine of growth, are available in UP. He said that we will build 15 -20 more cities like NOIDA, in our state.
In all 32 sessions took place, 120 dignitaries alongside 7 nations representatives, along with 6000 delegates and 150 exhibitors attended the two day summit. It was the biggest ever congregation of business and political leaders in UP. We saw general sense of Optimism amongst the investors and observed a large number of small investors were also there. Young start up entrepreneurs were also there. ECS Corporation signed two MoU with UP government Ram Ganesh CEO of Hyderabad based Cybereye said they will bring Israel technology, which modernise the police force.
The Valedictory function finished with beautiful rendering of Jan-Gan Man by students of Mellinium School.
By Afzal Ali Shah Madudi, Editor /Bureau Chief.