Unique Celebration of New Year ‘2018’ at BCJU with Global Message in Jammu and Kashmir…

JAMMU: Bhaderwah a Valley of serene and peaceful atmosphere endowed with awesome natural mundane beautyin Jammu and Kashmir. Natural has been lavish in making this place comparable to paradise straddled with snow-clad Himalayas mountain ranges comprising glaciers and high land water bodies i.e lakes, which form perennial sources of water not only for this region, but also for entire Jammu province.

Adding to this is the lush green alpine vegetation consisting Deodar, cheer and a score of other coniferous varieties of vegetation for the last two decade, due men interference the deforestation and destruction of wild life habitats areas of core concern has become very apparent.

To check all this and bring mass awareness various social organization and environmental activists have contributed to restore the pristine glory of this charmfull region. In this connection on the occasion of New Year celebration (2018) Bhaderwah Campus, University of Jammu organised environment awareness / facilitation programme in collaboration with ‘Wild Life Conservation Fund’ under the Banner ‘Go Green Bhaderwah’, “Save The Forest Save, Save The World”.

On the occasion Dr B K Bansal, Scientist and Advisor, GOI, Ministry of Earth Sciences was the Chief guest and Dr. Methila Verna, Scientist, Ministry of Earth Sciences, GOI was guest of honour and also throw lights on the importance of green environment and its protection to mitigate the growing problem of global warming.

Chief guest in presence of Ractor Prof. GM Bhat, CO 4RR Col DD Pandey, ADC Bhaderwah Imam Din, facilitate at least 30 environment activists including concerned officials, farmers and green journalists .

It is notable to mention here that the Chief guest along with the Ractor Prof. GM Bhat and students of the campus celebrated new year in a unique way by planting trees in the campus premises at 12:01 on 1 January, with a Global Message (Go GREEN India Go GREEN World )

Eighty Five (85) sapling of Deodar were planted within the premises of campus as a part of its Go Green initiative. This initiative was first of its kind as when whole world was busy celebrating New Year in its own ways, people in Bhaderwah campus remembers their responsibility towards Mother Nature. Besides the students and faculty members of the campus the event was attended by number of prominent members form civil society including “Go Green Bhaderwah” active representatives Khalid Rasool, Iqbal Malik and journalist Mansoor Qadir.

-ITN Desk