Afzal Ansari fears for life of Mukhtar Ansari in jail. appeals for calm.

In an exclusive interview with ISMATIMES Editor and Bureau Chief, Afzal Ansari expressed his apprehension and questioned the motives of the government on the treatment meted out to Mukhtar Ansari, who has been 5 times MLA of UP assembly. He also questioned the VIP treatment shown ,to Brijesh Singh,who has been lodged at banares jail. Afzal Ansari appealed through the Editor for peace and tranquillity in the state.
Afzal Ansari accusing the government machinery said any heart  patient who undergoes Angiography is not shifted for 72 hours, whereas in Mukhtar Ansari case who was operated for Angiography at 9 pm was discharged the next day at 1 pm.  Dr Goyal of PGI said when Mukhtar Ansari was brought to hospital, he had already suffered a heart attack and Angiography was necessary.  Afzal Ansari disclosed that he was not even allowed to meet his sick brother by the government machinery specially the police officials. It was very agonising first the entire family, to see him lying on hospital bed and not allowed to meet his family members and relatives.
Afzal Ansari accused the government machinery as to what was the necessity of first shifting Mukhtar Ansari with 2 hours of Angiography to a normal ward and then within 40 hours discharge him and take him ,by ordinary ambulance, to Banda. ??
Afzal Ansari accused the government machinery of deliberately interference in his treatment and that he did not get proper treatment at PGI. He questions the shifting of Mukhtar Ansari from Lucknow jail to Banda jail ? Afzal disclosed that Mukhtar has only 1 case at Mau, 1 at lucknow,another 1 at Ghazipur and only 1 at Delhi. He wanted to know from the government as to what compulsion does the government has that Mukhtar Ansari be treated so shabbily? ?Where another’s another criminal Brijesh Singh in Banares is not treated as a criminal but like a lord.?
Afzal Ansari appealed through the media, both print and electronic to keep calm but the present administration cannot be trusted. It’s prayers of millions of people that has saved Mukhtar Ansari life.
Afzal Ali Shah Maududi