AAP party accuses BJP led Union government of toppling its Delhi government. CEC working at BJP behest. Sanjay Singh

AAP party in its efforts to counter the negative  decision,   before going to High Court, given by Election Commission yesterday, sent newly elected  Rajya Sabha MP Sanjay Singh to Lucknow. In a belligerent mood Sanjay Singh openly accused the  retiring Chief Election Commissioner  A K Joti ,of colluding with the BJP government and going backwards to please them, gave an adverse judgement.  He said  while talking to the Editor , that AAP party will challenge the decision, in Highcourt on Monday,

Sanjay Singh said,  that it is an attack on the democratic system of our country and we have not been given a chance to present our viewpoint. Sanjay Singh, also released Delhi government DO  F.  No. 17/57/2012/GAD/Park. secy/356, dated ,13-3-2015 , Quote  “” The Parliamentary secretaries will not be eligible for any remuneration or any perks of any kind, from the government. However, they may use government transport for official purposes only and office space in the Minister office, would be provided to them to facilitate their work ” This issues with the concurrence of the Hon’ble Speaker ,Delhi Vidhan Sacha.  quote closed.

However by disqualification of its 20 MLA ‘s AAP party will not be in minority, as it’s strength will still remain 46 out of 70.(It has presently 66 MLA ) Even if the President and SC upholds the EC verdict.. The CEC, who is due to retire 22nd January, 2018 has thrown the AAP party and Delhi politics into a turmoil.If the President accepts his advice then by polls to the 20 seats will be held, for which it seems the party is not prepared.
However, it is to be seen,if same rules and principles are applied to other states,legislators., as alleged by Sanjay Singh.  These states are all BJP ruled MP, HP and Chattisgarh. He alleged that these MLA were not getting any salaries, but only using cars etc for official purposes. What yardstick did EC applied is beyond comprehension except to the fact that he wanted to oblige the people in power, in New Delhi.

By holding post of Parliamentary secretaries, these 20 MLA were disqualified by the CEC Joti , y day 19th January. Earlier in 2006, Sonia Gandhi and Jaya Bachchan, both MP were also disqualified from the Parliament and had to resign from there.It us now to be seen ,that AAP party, which won Delhi Vidhan Sabha election by a massive margin on the plank of fighting corruption in Delhi ,react to this verdict of CEC.

Sanjay Singh repeatedly accused the BJP of using undemocratic ways of dislodging it’s AAP party government in Delhi..””They could never reconcile to the fact that they (BJP) were crushed by AAP in Delhi elections.  “AAP became a Nasoor for them””,he said.

The CEC verdict has not gone down well,within the party. Sanjay Singh said that EC has gone down to its lowest level now..

AfzalAli Shah Maududi