At Davos Modi pitches for Globalisation.

Davos is no UN house but World Economic Forum platform to attract investments from each country to others. It is worthwhile to note that neither Manmohan Singh or Rajiv Gandhi or for that matter Narsimha Rao, all former Prime minister of Congress government choose to skip it. It is for the first time that an Indian Prime Minister choose to address the plenary session of this year’s event. Why he has chosen this world event to addresses beyond comprehension when a time only very recently Forbes Magazine gave India as worst offenders under Modi regime. In 2014, 14% thought that they are improving but this dropped to 3% in 2017. A dramatic drop for a country which is projecting itself as a safe and open haven for investment, to the world.
Until or unless the small scale and medium sized industrial growth is given a encouraging thrust which will not only generate employment but also all round development. Only opening of Chai stalls and now selling Pakodas will not generate employment, to ever increasing unemployed youths of India. As Yojna Neeti office said in August 2017, it is under employment and not unemployment is the problem. It had promised 01 crore Naukris and not Rozgars. It was projected that India would be World Guru but those attending the Davos conference are all economist of world standards and they know Indian reality and it’s growth. Merely rhetorical speeches do not give employment or growth to the economy. Start Up India projects started with 10K crore funds but till now only 75 have come up with a total of 605 crores investments. Out of 1700 firms registered till 2017, 482 have already left. Start up, the much hyped economic policy of the present government failed on many fronts.
An Oxfam survey released only a day earlier says that 1% of India’s population gets 73% of its wealth. Goodness gracious so much so for our socialist in pattern of social and economy. More significant to note that even The World Economic Forum chief also spoke of these figures in his speech. This is a matter of grave concern. Merely quoting Gandhism and Vedas will not uplift the depressing economy of India or the call for cultural and heritage of it.
The latest global environment performance index rankings, released on Tuesday on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum meet, saw India fall to the bottom five in the list of 180 countries. In the green rankings India slipped to 17th in last two years ago. The low ranking of the emerging economies of India and China, in a survey conducted by Yale and Colombia Universities, in collaboration with World Economic Forum said was due to growing population pressure and bad environmental policies.
The world itself is more concerned with the climate change, terrorism, population growth which has been recently affecting the World economy badly. Giving importance to terrorism and using his political speeches like good and bad terrorism, Modi was in a way in political rally rather than amongst world best economic brains. His carrying a very big contingent of Indian industrial groups, whom he could have called anytime, to his office. In India reflected his seriousness to deal with economic problems. A government which had only recently opposed FDI in India, tooth and nail was pitching for it. What a paradoxical irony.
by Afzal Ali Shah Maududi, Editor