Sufi Rang Festival 2017 concludes in Ajmer

Celebrations of Eid e Milad un Nabi(saw) in Ajmer Sharif with sacred arts and calligraphy.

The closing ceremony and Felicitation event of the 10th International Sufi Rang Festival 2017 was held today at Dargah Ajmer Sharif.

Quran Recitation was done by Syed Fuzail Chishty sb.
The ceremony was addressed by Nazim sb of Dargah Committe Janab IB Peerzada who appreciated the Sufi Rang Festival and Sacred Art works exhibited from around the world n different part of India, former President of Bar Assosiation of Ajmer District court and Senior Advocate Janab Rajesh Tondon sb shared his deep spiritual connection for Dargah Ajmer Sharif and relevance Sufi traditions in India,
President of Anjuman Syedzadghan Janab Haji Syed Moin Hussain Chishty sb and President of Anjuman Shaikhzadghan Janab Shaikh Abdul Jarar Chishty.
SHO – Dargah Thana Janab Manvender Singh sb spoke about his personal experience of 2 years service at Dargah Sharif thana and how peaceful he feel each time he visit Dargah which is a Blessings for all citizens of Ajmer City n India.
Sarv Dharma Maitri Sanstha president Janab Prakash Jain sb and members Father Cosmos Shekhawat , Sardar Dilip Singh Chabbra ji also graced the ceremony and shared the importance of Ajmer Sharif city as a shining light of India’s Ganga Jamuna Tehzeeb and how the message of Khawaja Gharib Nawaz (ra)”Love towards All, Malice towards None”
 is so important in today’s time.
Pooja Chabbra ji from Jaipur also shared her remarks by appreciating the Sufi Rang Festival and how Spirituality can remove the vice n bad practices from the society and keep humanity happy as well as in service towards each other.
Mohtarma Sadia Dehlvi saheba from Delhi – a prominent writer and author of many books on Sufism also addressed the gathering and shared her spiritual connect to Ajmer Sharif since a very young age and how Khawaja Gharib Nawaz(ra) spiritual presence resonate each moment in her work, writings and public appreciation when addressing any contemporary issues through media channels.
Other dignitaries and city officals were also present during the ceremony which Felicitated all the national and international Sufi artists presents at the Sufi Rang Festival.
All the Sufi artists , Volunteers and Chishty Foundation managment Team along with Media representatives were honoured by traditional Dastarbandi by elders of Dargah Ajmer Sharif,
A certificate of participation and Trophy of appreciation with Shawls and Canvas Bags as gifts from Chishty Foundation – Ajmer Sharif.
Nizamat was done by Syed Imran Khawajaghani sb.
Presents were Syed Mehmood Hasan Chishty sb, Advocate Syed Iqbal Chishty, Deputy SP of Dargah Area, Syed Toufiq Chishty, Syed Mehboob Chishty, Syed Farid Ul Haq Chishty, Syed Fakar Kazmi Chishty sb, Syed Ghani Chishty, Guman Singh ji, Ramzan Khan sb, Shaykhzade Zulfiqar, Syed Shah Alam Chishty sb, Chand Khan sb , Syed Farid Maharaj sb and other dignities with city officals.
Haji Syed Salman Chishty shared his remarks on the inspirations behind getting all the various medium of Creative Arts forms to display Holistic way of Sacred spiritual experiences by all who visit the exhibition and also how this can inspire common people to bring out the sacred creative spiritual insight from within to share with the world.
Azeem Memon from Mumbai – festival director of Sufi Rang gave the vote of Thanks.
Dua for success and Blessings was done by Syed Moin Hussain Chishty sb
 – President Anjuman Syedzadghan.
Afzal Ali Shah Maududi