Saffron flag flies in UP Municipal elections, SP, Congress decimated

The thumping majority with which BJP has won the recent Municipal elections in UP has raised the stature of Yogi Adityanath. Not known for his administrative qualities, he has proved, at least temporarily that he is in command here. BJP party has won 14 out of 16 Mayoral seats. BSP showed a great revival after getting a dribbling in Loksabha elections. Mayawati has announced her resurrection ahead of SP and Congress party, which could not open their accounts.

BJP has survived though temporarily the onslaught of adverse reactions to its GST and Demonetisation policy; it has shown that it still commands popularity in urban areas. BSP desperate for survival snatched 2 Mayoral seats and stood 2nd in four towns. It re-emergence is strong challenge to SP hold in the state. Congress looks like to be on ICU. It could not even win in Amethi, the bastion of Gandhi family. BJP won the newly created Ayodhya, Mathura, and Saharanpur municipalities. Agra again reposed faith in BSP. Aligarh gave a drubbing to BJP with BSP leader and former AMU student leader stood victorious. However in his own constituency of Gorakhpur , wherever is a voter Yogi ‘s BJP lost to an independent Muslim lady Nadira Khatoon.

However as per States Elections Commission release, BJP won 68 out of 196 Nagar Palika Parishads Chairman seats, followed by SP which gas won 45 seats, while BSP won 28 seats. BJP has won prestigious Lucknow where it got 58 seats out of 110, 35 out of 70 in Aligarh, 53 out 100 in Agra 35 out of 70.

The AIMIM and AAP also opened its accounts in the urban municipalities. AIMIM won 29 seats and its Mayoral candidate I Firozabad stood second, ahead of SP and BSP candidates. They won seats in Kanpur, Gaziabad, Meerut and Baghpat. The AIMIM leadership is happy for at its performance and expect to do better in 2019 elections. They say it is now becoming an alternative to SP and BSP parties in UP. With 37 seats and 2 Chairman seats, AAP also open its account in UP POLITICS. It’s leadership is in upbeat mood at its performance and has already announced itself as an alternative and new thought in state politics.

The development work which Yogi government started, paid off along with no corruption charges, till now against him. He had started his election campaign from Ayodhya, thus signaling Hinduvta agenda. It is important to note that BJP has been keeping it’s Hinduvta agenda on top priority to garner Hindu votes. After the Saharanpur riots, Mayawati had exploited the situation to her advantage, getting Dalit votes and harming the BJP vote banks.

Now, it is to see how the Yogi led BJP government will tackle the sewerage, open defecation, house tax, water problem, in the state. With 2019 elections not very far away, they will have to show concrete results on ground to bolster it’s vote bank.

By Afzal Ali Shah Maududi, Editor