Charak App launched and Dedicated for better health by Sidhartnath Singh – Health MINISTER . CLIRNET vision to high quality care for patients.

Minister Health, UP Government Sri Sidhartnath Singh launched and dedicated CHARAK APP, powered by CLIRNet, to the better health of the people of the state. in luck now at a prestigious hotel on 13th December. CHARAK is an innovation that will bring together Doctor in UP Public HEALTH care to enable community health care advancement through research and actionable knowledge. CHARAK will  ease access and reduce the effort required for knowledge exchange and updates amongst Doctors on treatment approaches, collaboration on cases and other medical know how.
CHARAK builds a network of doctors who regardless of distance or infrastructure constraints, will get access to information and support from their peers.  It will foster tie ups with like minded organization’s to create a
safe and healthy place for the common man in UP. The CHARAK app is an initiative of CLIRNET to make a  positive change in the health care.
Speaking to the august gathering Sidhartnath Singh Minister said that this application will help ensure that every doctor in the public health system is aware of and follows the Standard Treatment Approach developed by the UP Government. Access to our institutions and specialist will make the learning practical and effective. This will ensure right and consistent treatment for the common man.
CLIRNET co-founder Saurav Kasera said in his welcome speech that we at CLIRNet believe that serving and assisting every doctor to run his practice effectively, directly benefits at least 2000 patients. He said that Doctor is the most integral part of the health care eco system and serving them dedicatedly will help us to revolutionise patient care.
CLIRNET is an innovation that brings together doctors to enable Collaboration, Learning, Innovation, Research and Networking. The CLIRNET pkatform focus on fulfilling the needs of the irreplaceable doctor to forget healthier & happier society. They strive to create a positive difference in the doctors professional life kneading to a better patient healthcare outcomes.
The conference was inaugurated after lighting of the traditional lamps after which Dr Rahul Jain of Belle Vue  clinic Kolkatta gave some impression of his experience and benefits of CLIRNET and CHARAK App. He said that it is cheap, convenient, value in emergency, Resource limited,prompt action.He also inform the fathering that it is online, convenient and non disruptive and comfortable, reliable. The app is meant for Doctors only.
Eminent Dr Surya Kant, head of KGMU and President of Indian Chest Society said in his lecture that doctors are soft and vulnerable  targets.  Speaking at the conference Dr Surya Kant said that even before Hippocrates oath India had signs of Medicines in firm of Ayurveda, Chinese sign if Medicines and Persian -Arab Medicines. We had Lord Dhanvantri, God of Medicines. He revealed that Charak is considered as Father of Medicines and his oath is older than the oath of Hippocrates, by about 2 centuries. He said that we in India  needs reforms and there is no spiritual dimensions to it. We are not copiers but 1st liners.Health education ,in India starts from home itself. He stressed that these old values are to be brought back. In India the ratio of Doctor to a patient is 1: 2000,  which is very alarming.
Dr Surya Kant said that digitisation is beneficial as an end rather than as a means to the end.There has been break down in trust in Dr – patients relationship. Medico Legal challenges have increased. He  quoted Charak  “”Haakim /Hakim do not go empty handed “”. Emphasis on Education in Medicines and the theory that “Must know, Desirable to know, May know “”
Afzal Ali Shah Maududi