Nation’s green gold in danger

Jammu: Massacre of green gold going on unabated in Chinab Circle particularly in Forest division Bhadarwah in Jammu and Kashmir. Forest officials are solely responsible for the damage.

Bhadarwah Forest Division comprising of four forest ranges, Neeru, Killar, Chiralla, and Gandho is filled with coniferous forests on all sides but illegal deforestation is depleting the green cover rapidly and hills once filled by dense forest are becoming barren at an alarming pace.

According to the environmentalists, the issue is not only about the felling of Green Cedar, Fir and Pine Trees; it is about the whole eco system which is in danger.

“Cutting of green Cedar and Pine Trees is going on at an alarming pace without any check. The higher authorities of Government, Forest Deptt. and administration were time to time informed by the Media and social workers but all seems to be gone to the deaf ears which clearly indicate that they are also getting the booty from Mafia and Corrupt Forest officials,” said Environmentalist Iqbal Malik. And it seems that there is a competition of green destruction going on in between Neeru range, Killar range, Chiralla range and Gandho range of forest division Bhaderwah.

Few days back more than hundred green trees were mercilessly cutting down in Chiralla range and the officials have given report of only 53 trees and in the same area more than 200 trees were illegal cutted down in December 2015 and only 75 trees were reported by the forest team and later the whole case was dumped by taking huge amount by the higher ups of forest department and the present grave situation is the result of that negligence.

Environmentalist Iqbal Malik appealed Prime Minister Narendar Modi to look into the matter personally so that Nation’s precious wealth green gold can be saved and demanded action against CCF, PCF and commissioner Secretary Forest for their deliberate negligence in regards of protection of precious green wealth of the nation.

by Mansoor Qadir, J&K