Mockery made of Nagar Nigam elections in UP. 80 lakes voters deprived of voting by EC. Re-poll demanded.

Lucknow, 27th November: The dismal polling in the 2nd phase of polling has put in question mark on the performance of the SEC. With only 37.7% polling in Luck now and 48. 6% in Varanasi, Allah bad, Ghaziabad, Aligarh, and Mathura Lucknow. The state election commission has ordered a probe in large scale of anomalies and deleting of names from the electoral list. The commission is awaiting the report from the DM and take action against officials responsible for Ireland namely the BLO officers. But will this step be enough to revise faith in democracy,??. Voters who were deprived of their fundamental rights of vote, will they be ever be compensated for it.? There is already a cry for repoll in Lucknow.

The SEC said that the commission has received complaint of voters names not getting included in the list, from various parts of Lucknow. Prominent amongst those include Kalraj Misra, Former Mayor Dauji Gupta and Rajya Sabha member Sanjay Seth, and numerous others. Virbhadra Nishad, who proposed the name of PM Modi in 2014 also found his name missing from Varanasi. He has said that he will complain it to the PM. SP Party Supremo has taken note of this anomalies in the voter list and has threatened a statewide agitation, if no corrective stand is taken by SEC. SEC disclosed that names of nearly 80 lakhs voters had been deleted while 94 lakhs were added, during the verification exercise.

At many booths all over UP malfunctioning of EVM was also reported. However, this was immediately attended by EC. Anomalies in large numbers were reported all over Lucknow in the voters list however the SEC was quick to pass the buck to the voters blaming them for not checking the list.

Digital India slogan seems to have fallen flat in the y day Municipal elections where nearly 80 lakhs voters list their fundamental right to vote here. If so much dependency is on technology and do called digital use of it, then India and Indian are in for a rude shock, in coming times and elections. There is already a huge cry for re-polling in LMC elections and until it is done, peoples faith in Democracy will diminish.

Aadhar card and cards issued by Election Commission were also not entertained by polling booth officers when voters found their names missing from the list.

By Afzal Ali Shah Maududi, Editor