Elect a New Mayor for town development.

With just 4 days away from Mayor elections in Lucknow, which is women’s seat, the pitch for canvassing has increased to new heights .Surrounded by their supporters, these candidates are leaving no stones unturned to convince voters to vote nd elect them as Mayor.  Though national issues do not matter in such elections, however local issues like roads, water and water tax ,house tax, electric supply, garbage picking gets priority.  Law and order and the role of policing are also other important issues this time.
 Visit to any locality of the city will witness huge hullah gullah, with supporters seeking votes for its candidates. Now that they are being  tested on party basis, BJP and Congress senior leaders are vigoursly canvassing for its candidates however this outlook is missing in SP and BSP parties.   BSP WILL be contesting on its symbol after 17 years.
The honesty and integrity of candidates matters most as I spoke to various people in different localities.  Meera Wardhan the SP candidates has an edge over others in this matter.  A hardworking old Lucknowite, she has overwhelming support in many areas. Chosen by SP supremo over others, she has advantage over her rivals. Meeting traders, lawyers, RWA members,shopkeepers, members of various colonies Meera Wardhan looks a fresh face amidst the political hungama, with a mission to serve the Lucknow population.I found her to be organised and someone who believes in personal interaction .”She is appealing to all voters to come out, in large numbers, on the polling day to vote for her “.
Taking a strong view of the virtual stoppage of the Riverbank project, she was critical of the Yogi government to stall city’s prestigious project.  “It was for the benefit of the public and beautification of the town”. she said. This is also a litmus test of  8 months old Yogi government in UP.
On 22nd November,  24 Zilae,  5 Nagar Nigam, and  71 Nagar Palika and 154  Nagar Panchayats  and 4095 wards ,will go to polls.
Afzal Ali Shah Maududi
Editor .