Deeply pained at anomalies in Nagar Nigam elections,SEC orders Commissioner level enquiry . Elections held in peaceful atmosphere. -SEC Agarwal.

The SEC of UP took a sigh of relief while addressing a jam packed press conference,on the conclusion of the elections, stating that there were no violence or death of any election polling official, in recently conducted Nagar Niakey, Panchayat and Nagar Panchayat elections. He disclosed that the polling was 52.50% as compared to 46.2% in 2012 elections. A decent climb of about 6 %
Mr.Agarwal said that in towns like Lucknow, Allah bad, Gorakhpur,Bare illy, Agra, Varanasi the average polling was 41.2%.The lowest was in Allahbad at  30.47%.He further said that in a total of 36, 273 polling booths, repolling was conducted in only 3. A total of good quality 32,374  EVM were deployed ,out of which only 503 were replaced.  In Lucknow 250 EVM were replaced, which is just 0.7% of the total EVM.
Holding District administration of Lucknow responsible for the anamolies in the voters list,the SEC came down heavily on the DM .Alongside he also held the ADM, SDM and the Tehsildar for the deleted names,from the voters list. He said that he has ordered a full fledged enquiry by the Commissioner of Lucknow, and to report within 15th days, into the matter. However replying to my question, as to what action he would take against the guilty officials, he said “”first wait for the enquiry report to come. “”
He admitted that he has received written complaints from AAP party and SP party in anomalies found in voters list. It must be mentioned that SP Rajya Sabha MP,  Sanjay Seth along with his family found their names missing from the voters list. Kalraj Misra , also found his name missing from the list. However the SEC could not give the number of people names missing.
SEC citing reasons for the names missing,from the list, said duplicity and delimitatations were main causes along with the lethargic and unpardonable work done by BLO ‘s. He said that delimitatations had been conducted after 10 year and it may have caused some names of the voters being transfer to other wards. He again reiterated that no erring official , be it ADM or SDM or Tehsildar will be spared.  He called this act as highest order of criminality.
SEC said that the site of election commission, , has had hit of over 1 crores and any queries asked are immediately .About 1.5 crores SMS have been sent to voters .Also complaints can be  lodged on the website itself.
He disclosed that the results will be out by 5 pm on 1st December and will be available on website too.
Afzal Ali Shah Maududi