AAP demands scrapping of elections by EVM in UP Nikai .SC JUDGE to probe Justice Loya death.

Levelling serious charges upon BJP, Ashutosh the firebrand leader and spokesperson of AAP party, said in his press conference that Democracy is in danger and democratic values are being marginalised, by the ruling BJP party in India. People are loosing faith in democracy, which is being weakened by the present government.  This government has not taken notice of 11 reminders of EC,to it on EVM tampering and to its demand of 3000 crores for, bringing changes in pattern of how to vote,in future.
Citing various examples ,where EVM machines have been found tampered in recent bye -elections In Bhind  (MP),Dholpur  (Raj  )and most recently in Kanpur and Meerut, nearly 77 in U.P.   Nikai  Chunau, in the first phase of polling, Ashutosh asked that  “why is it that upon pressing the button in EVM, for a certain party symbol, the vote is transfered to  BJP only??” In its letter to SEC,  AAP demanded voting in the next two phases,should be held thru Ballot papers only
Demanding a white paper,from the government  , Ashutosh also pressed for a comprehensive enquiry from the SC, into this tempering of EVM and also of scrapping of it. He alternatively suggested the usage of Ballot papers,in future elections.
Suggesting that it was T N Sheeshan, the former Election Commissioner had very strictly followed the rules in principle, inspite of being close to Congress party. He stood for his principles.and safeguarded the Democracy. The AAP spokesperson doubted the integrity of the present EC.
Throwing light on the unfortunate death of sitting Judge Brijgopal Loya,  of the Gujarat HC who was investigating the Shorabuddin Ishrat Jahan encounter case, in which BJP President Amit Shah is an accused ,the AAP spokesperson demanded a judicial enquiry as also demanded by the deceased Judge family,too  by a sitting Judge of the SC, to bring the culprits to justice. He alleged that he was offered 100 crores bribe to absolve Amit Shah in the case.
He also questioned UP CM Yogi Adityanath, who had been 4 times MP from Gorakhpur, was not able to prevent deaths of the infants in the hospital. Replying to a question on Rohit Sardhana attack on daughter of Holy Prophet Ashutosh said he should not have hurt the feelings of a particular religion. We live in a eecular country and these comments do hurt the feelings and sentiments,of particular community.
He was hopefully that AAP party will do well in Nikai Chunau.
Afzal Ali Shah Maududi