14th November is World Diabetes Day. KGMU to hold International conference on 11th & 12 February 2018 on Diabetes Plus in Lucknow

In appreciation of the efforts of International Diabetes Federation, and the rising escalating global public health problem with rising prevalence amongst all age groups specially pregnant women, World Health Organisation has declared 14th November as World Diabetic day. To commentate the day, KGMU organised a seminar, on its premises.

Dr. Anuj Maheshwari, member of National Executive of Research Society for Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI) said that IDF has kept the theme of World Diabetes Day 2017, “Women in Diabetes”. He said that the number of diabetes patients have risen from 31.7 million to 72.4 million currently and mostly in the age group of 30 -to 40 years. He cautions that HBA1C test should be done regularly and that pregnant women should take precautions during pregnancy as it also affects the child in the womb. He recommended that diabetes and its bad effect should be taught at school levels. School going should avoid junk food? take a full sleep of 8 hours, don’t take any stress, which is a major cause of rising diabetes cases, in India. Dr Maheshwari said that diabetes is the 9th leading direct cause of death in women globally causing 2.1 million deaths each year. Deaths due to diabetes originates from a complex interaction between lifestyle, obesity, and innate susceptibility, driven by both genetic and developmental programme by maternal and postnatal nutrition.

Earlier, Dr Narsingh Verma, Secretary RSSDI said that we are not spending any money or knowledge in preventing this dreaded disease. It’s only when we are diagnosed either it that we spend money on the cure of diabetes. This is too late, according to him. He disclosed that patients should control BP, obesity, high cholesterol, and should quit smoking. He said new tested technology, which should be encouraged and those who can afford this treatment, should use it.

Dr. Anita Pandey, Gynecologist said that during pregnancy women should take utmost care to avoid diabetes, as it may affect the unborn child fatally. Dr Pandey said that Appropriate testing and management of Diabetes in pregnancy is the key to early diagnosis of this condition and prevention of complications during and after pregnancy. She gave details about GDM -Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, which is seen in 14 -17% pregnant women in India. A mother who has GDM in pregnancy is at higher risk to develop serious complications. Dr. Anita said that GOI has recommended universal screening of all pregnant women at first visit and again after 24 -28 weeks of pregnancy. This test is known as DIPSI test. Appropriately she said that testing and management of Diabetes in pregnancy is the key to early diagnosis of this conditions and prevention of complications during and after pregnancy.

Dr Jalees Fatima, an expert herself on diabetes informed that KGMU would be holding an international conference on 10th and 11th February 2018, in Lucknow. 1000 Delegates from all over the world would be participating in the 2-day conference, in which 50 lecture research papers would be read out and shared. The theme of the conference would be “Diabetes Plus”. Throwing light on some aspects and causes of increasing cases of diabetes in India Dr. Fatima said that our traditional food habits have not changed which are carbohydrates based. On the contrary, we have left our physical exercises and taken to the mechanized life of leisure.

by Afzal Ali Shah Maududi, Editor