Transparency and Construction of roads-priority of UP government: Keshav Maurya

Lucknow, 6th October: Keshav Prasad Maurya, Deputy Chief Minister and PWD Minister in the UP Government said in his interaction with the media that his government priority will be to complete pending projects and bridges in the state and to construct 35 km roads daily. Every day 1 bridge or ROB and on an average 25 km roads will be constructed. Many contractors have been black listed for Thierry incompetence and inefficiency. Then UP government has decided to convert 73 state roads into NH. The government has also decided to build ring roads in 6 cities- Kanpur, allahbad, gorakhpur, bareilly and Moradabad. He also claimed that 78,500 km out of 85,000km have been made potholes free in the last 6 months.The state government has also approved construction of 7 elevated roads in Lucknow, to ease out the traffic in the city.
In the year 2017-18, 41 will be constructed. He said UP Rajya Nirman Nigam completed 33 building projects. PWD will spend nearly 3000 crores on roads widening and beautification.
ADB will give loans to construct roads in Sultanpur, Aligarh, Fatehpur, Maurya said that NABARD will construct rural roads, small bridges and ROB, at cost of 1500 crores and these projects will be completed in this financial year.
Minister said that all religious centres will be joined by 4 lanes road, like Ayodya, Prayag, Chitrakoot. 83 bridges ,21 ROB , 2300 KM widening of roads, 2500 km construction of rural roads, 3500 new roads, 1300 km roads will be Gaddha mukhts till March 2018.
He said Sampark marg for population over 250, all tehsil roads will be linked with 2 lanes roads answer all block roads by 2 lane roads.
Maurya also said that E -tendering will be introduced and it will be paperless and all monitoring and Quality control, E-billing will be online.
He said Lucknow Conference will be held in which IIT, CRRI, and all PWD ministers, CE and officials will attend it.
by Afzal Ali Shah Maududi, Editor