Jan Ekta Jan Adhikar Jan Pratirodh convention held in Lucknow by various social organisations.

Lucknow, 14th October: In a show of strength nearly 50 trade union organisation and various social organisation and activists took part in Convention, at Kaifi Azmi Centre, which was aptly called “Jan Ekta Jan Adhikar”.
Rajeshji IPTA Gen. Secretary, welcoming the delegates said we all support the resolution passed in New Delhi convention on 18th September 2017. He further called for unity of all factions in order to fight the fascist, communal forces in India not only through Angolan but now politically. Adding he said for our 30th October programme, they have prepared a team of 10 people to perform Nukkad Natak, in all rural areas. He also mentioned that comrade Prasanna is sitting on a hunger strike, in Bangalore, at the site where Gauri Lankesh was shot dead. He will be starting a KaL AWEGGAYA ANGOLAN, which is for promotion of Handicraft items in Karnataka.
Mrs. Roop Rekha Verma of SAJHI Duniya, a social activist said that a national convention was held in New Delhi, where a resolution was adopted to work on “Jan Ekta Jan Adhikar and Jan Pratirodh”, which will include education, health, water, forest, land, to save democracy, to stop communalism, farmer/kisan interest, students, along with minorities, women, along with and stop attacks on davan lits, fight for equality and justice. This convention was attended by nearly 127 organisation. She further said that on resolution passed at New Delhi convention, this regional convention was taking place, in Lucknow.
It was concluded that the convention comes to the conclusion that the BJP government in centre and the state is following anti people policies, which was sent badly affected them and the destroying the economy. It is also following a policy of hatred against the minorities, dalits, adivasis.
The Lucknow convention adopts a resolution that all loans of farmers, till 31st March 2017, should be waived off and on basis of Swaminathan commission recommendations, they should be paid 1.5 times of the costs.
2nd ly, control on prices, PDS2 SHOULD very applicable on all basic commodities.
3rd the ban on recruitment by UP government should be immediately removed.
4th women safety and security should be enhanced and any changes in 498A and PCPNDT act should not be undertaken.
5th GST should be eased and relaxed for all commodities.
They will take a Mashaal/candle March on 30th October in Lucknow.
Sajhi Dunia, IPTA, Mahila Federation, Rihaai Manch, Jan Vichar Manch, Awaam Movement, Kalam, Rahul Foundation, Rahi Masoom Raza Foundation, Janvadi AIKS, PUCL, AIDWA amongst other took part in the convention.
by Afzal Ali Shah Maududi, Editor.