Congress demands resignation of Amit Shah and enquiry by 2 sitting judges against Jay Shah business dealings.

The BJP led NDA government came under severe fire from the UPCC President Raj Babbar today, his press conference in Lucknow. Taking a shot at Modi and Amit Shah, for the corruption charges that has been levelled against Jay Amit Shah, son of Amit Shah Raj Babbar questioned regarding the sudden and meteoric rise of his firm, Temple Enterprises Pvt Ltd company which started with an initial capital of Rs. 50,000 only to become one of the most profit making companies in recent past. He asked what is the commodity business of that company and is it really an agricultural products company? ?. It made a profit of 80 crores, out of which 51 crores came from foreign companies. A significant rise of 16,000 times.
This company later closed in 2016. and no Income tax or Enforcement department took notice of it. Raj Babber said that why no notice was taken of it? He demanded an enquiry by 2 sitting judges into the activities of these Shell companies, because of the fact that he is Amit Shah’s son.?. Another pertaining question which he raised as to how central minister, who was earlier Energy minister and now Railway minister came forward to defend Jay Shah’s financial dealings. He questions as to why cabinet ministers and BJP spokesman are defending the transactions of a private individual?
PCC President also questioned the sanctioning of unsecured loan to the tune of 15,78 crores by IRDA, to Jay Shah company, KISF. He disclosed that this company KISF, had been disallowed by SEBI, not to trade in shares or any related businesses. How come he was able to get unsecured loans from IRDA, for an energy project in Rutlam – MP, a BJP ruled the state. He further alleged that another Company Kalyug Corporation of Normandy group gave a loan of Rs. 25 crores to Jay Shah’s company against property owned by Amit Shah and Yashpal Chaursma, an accused in Shorabbuddin-Ishrat Jahan encounter case.
It should be pointed out that Chaursma was later acquitted in that case.
He demanded the resignation of BJP party president, to follow in the footsteps of Advani, who had resigned when his name cropped up in Jain hawala case, or Bangaru Laxman who was caught taking the bribe in Tahelka case in full camera.
Raj Babbar also thanked the BJP central government of implementing 19 out of 23 major projects of UPA government.
by Afzal Ali Shah Maududi, Editor.