JIVA AYURVEDA successfully treats Osteoporosis: Dr. Chauhan

Lucknow, 21st September: “After years of research and consultation with numerous patients, JIVA AYURVEDA, has created Jiva Ayumi questions system of Osteoarthritis treatment which identifies the root cause of each patient and customized treatment is provided “. Treatment consists of Medicines, Diet, Exercise, and Lifestyle recommendations. This was disclosed at a seminar in Lucknow by Eminent Dr. Pratap Chauhan, Director, JIVA AYURVEDA.
Disclosing Dr. Pratap Chauhan highlighted four significant cases of OA along with their diagnosis, medication, treatment and end results of the procedure. Dr Chauhan disclosed that junk food, tobacco, alcohol, drugs and a very unorganised lifestyle were responsible for OA. More important was no knowledge of self body .
He reaffirmed that government support was there and that Ayurveda medicines were not expensive and easily available all over the country. The treatment was not lengthy but most important was it’s diagnosis at an early stage.
Osteoporosis can correctly treat successfully with correct amalgamation of customized Ayurvedic treatment, change in eating habits, and personalized lifestyles modifications. When Osteoporosis is diagnosed at the onset, said Dr. R. S. Saxena, senior Ayurvedic Physician, Team mentor Clinic, the patient can witness major relief in pain , swelling stiffness.
Dr. Pratap Chauhan who has been nominated on CII said that 16th October Ayurveda day will be celebrated and the Prime Minister will participate in New Delhi. He emphasized that Ayurvedic teaching should be started at school levels so that humanity can benefit from it.
The Jiva Medical and research centre Faridabad;, with more than 400 Ayurvedic doctors and support professional provides consultation to patients all over India. It has its own HACCP and GMP certified manufacturing facility.
by Afzal Ali Shah Maududi, Editor