Solidarity sit in favour of slain journalist Ramchander Chatrapati held in Lucknow

Lucknow, 28th August: In support of the deceased journalist Ramchader Chatrapati and to show solidarity towards the 2 brave women, who successfully filed cases of rape against fake Gurmeet Ramrahim baba , various women organisations, public groups, and social organisations like AIDWA, BHARTIYA MAHILA FOUNDATION, AWAAM FOUNDATION, AALI, NAME, PULL, RED BRIGADE gathered at GPO in the state capital Lucknow.
Gathering massive support from walks of society the protest turned into forming a massive human chain of support for the movement against Ramrahim and such fake babas.
Talking to the editor Rafat Fatima of AWAAM Foundation said this incident of Ramrahim rape case is a sign of declining political standard of our political system, which is regret able. In spite of being a criminal, he was always patronised by many political parties, which led to exploitation of the poor masses.
All the present organising also deplored the illogical statement of Sakshi Maharaj, and said it tantamount to contempt of court.
Roop Rekha Verma of Sanjhi Duniya and Renu Misra of AALI appreciated the strong stand taken by Judiciary against the culprit and Khattar government .They further demanded compensation to those 38 persons killed in violence aftermath his conviction.
Anupam Yadav and asha misra, and usha vishwakarma demanded dismissal of Haryana government immediately.
by Afzal Ali Shah Maududi, Editor, Lucknow.