(India Against Hindutva Politics) Distribution of the film `Voices from the Ruins’

On August 25, 2017, over 5,000 victims and survivors in Kandhamal had a rally for peace, justice and harmony and held a full day meeting, demanding justice for the survivors. In solidarity with the survivors of Kandhamal, Komusouhardika Vedkike and Pedestrian Picture organised a screening and discussion at the Indian Social Institute, Bangalore. Kandhamal Day was observed by the Bible Society of India, Bangalore and I was invited to talk and screen the film Voices from the Ruins. On the same day, The Students Christian Movement also screened the film and observed Kandhamal Day and they purchased 50 copies of the film `Voices from the Ruins’ from me for distribution within their network.
I do believe that despite many incidents of violence on the Adivasi Christians, Dalit Christians and churches in Kandhamal during the last four decades, no major violence may take place any more due to the organisational strength of the survivors. At the same time, minor incidents of violence are taking place. What is more important is to pursue the demands of the victims and survivors for their justice. Innocent Adivasi Christians and Dalit Christians who are suffering in jail for nine years must be released and the criminals who are responsible for violence must be punished. If this justice is not provided, violence can take place again. The Government must also be pressurised to provide proper compensation for the destroyed churches and the victims and survivors of Kandhamal. We will have to jointly work to achieve this goal. If we do not do that, Kandhamal can be repeated in other parts of India also.
To achieve the above goal, the film `Voices from the Ruins’ can be screened widely, so that public consciousness on the issue as well as memory can be strengthened. The film was made as a result of 7 years’ work. There is also a need to generate resources for further work through distribution of the film. Part of the debts which incurred due to this production still remains. We look forward for your cooperation on this.
I appeal to those who can buy 25, 50 or 100 copies of the film from me and distribute them within their own networks. It is too difficult for a person like me to distribute the film individually. Those who can help in this process, please get in touch with me at: kpsasi36@gmail.com or kpsasifilms@gmail.com.
– by well wisher.