Babbar reminds BJP of Gandhi’s Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram, at dharna

Lucknow : The Yogi Adityanath government came in for yet another criticism from the UP Congress Chief Raj Babbar today. Addressing a fully packed press conference, after staging another dharna outside the Governor House, Raj Babbar along with his thousands of supporters alleged that the UP government is shying away from accepting moral responsibility for the Gorakhpur 70 infant death, in BRD Hospital.
He disclosed that during the huge dharna, they were chanting “Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram, sub ko samati de bhagwan” bhajan. Before they were being arrested by UP Police and driven in their buses to Kotwali it was a huge drama and when the police bus broke down, they were let off. Attacking the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, he questioned the government why no post- mortem were not performed on the dead bodies and still today no FIR has been lodged against the hospital management,?? He regretted that the Full BJP high command has just one statement, that deaths took place due to bad environmental and dirty and filthy conditions and not due to shortage of Oxygen. Taking further a dig at PM Modi Swatch Bharat abhiyaan, Raj Babbar questioned what it has done in 4 years of government that these conditions still prevail in the country. The BJP when it was in opposition at the centre, was always alleging that UPA government was full of corruption. But 4 years have passed but still no allegations have been proved against them.
Openingly accusing that Modi was responsible for the deaths of 2000 in Godhara, what difference will death of 70 innocent infants will make on him? But he reminded that those killed in Garakhpur were the future of the country and the once killed in Godhara were the past. They were responsible for crushing the Culture, Civilization of the country. He warned them that Congress will fight for the justice and is not interested in playing politics with the deaths of infants in Gorakhpur.
Disclosing the strategy of the Congress party, Raj Babbar said that firstly 10 ambulances will be provided by their MLA/MLC , which will be stationed at the BRD hospital, for the patients.
Secondly, Sewa Dal, under the leadership of Pramod Pandey, will send 100 of its volunteers for the Swatch Abhiyan, to clean the city so that further diseases do not spread and deaths do not take place.
Thirdly all PCC officials under Dr. Jialal, with volunteer will do 6 hours duty pertaining to complaints and grievances’
Coming heavily down on A mit Shah statement in Gujarat regarding 70 deaths Pramod Tiwari, MP said that they have no sensibilities left in themselves . Deaths have become to them a seasonal thing.
by Afzal ALI Shah Maududi, Editor