Allegations against BJP Legislator Anuraag Singh denied by his wife and trustees of Dr. OP Chaudary Memorial trust.

In an open rebuttal to charges leveled against her, Dr. Snehlata Singh, said that all allegations against her are false. She is Secretary trustee of Dr. O P Chaudary Educational trust Kankaha village, Rai Bareilly Road, Mohonlalganj. This trust was formed by Dr. O P Chaudary in 2010 and it has 3 trustees, which included himself, Anurag Singh and Dr. Snehlata Singh. Dr. O P Chaudary died in 2011. This trust did not include wife and other daughters of late Dr. O P Chaudary. Dr. Chaudary had purchased 23 acres of land, to set up a medical college. However, due to certain objections, raised by Income Tax department, and 12A was denied to the them. However, a new Dr. O P Chaudary Memorial trust was formed and said land of 23 acres was transferred to it. Dr. Snehlata was secretary of both the trust and the land was legally transferred to new trust. It was alleged by other group, land in question was 40 acres and not 23 acres. This was vehemently denied by Dr. Snehlata. The first party filed civil suit 82/ 2013, and got a stay order on Mutation but not on construction. According to her, this is a deliberate attempt on part of other party, that is widow of Dr. O P Chaudary to malign her name in media.
Dr. Snehlata , in an exclusive meeting with editor, said that her mission is to establish a medical college , as per her late father wish . She also displayed and distributed copies of legal documents to substantiate her arguments,
by Afzal Ali Shah Maududi, Editor.