Turmoil in Indian politics

Remembering Et tu Brute to quote Shakespeare’s Julius Caeser. The recent spate of changing parties by various MP and MLA to BJP has created a jitter in the minds of the elected persons as well as the voters. What is happening in today scenario is totally unexpected and stinks of Fascism. Many people are quoting the time of Hitler. The duo of Narender Modi and Amit Shah, ever since the 2014 general elections and later on the UP elections, in which BJP got absolute majority, had baffled the voters and all the political parties of India, specially Congress. They ran out of reasons of their defeat, till everybody started to realise, that it was EVM, machines which really played the villain, of the elections and they lost.
After the Bihar coup, where the Gathbandhan goverment of RJD –JDU, was in power, suddenly saw a storm in the state. A few allegations, on Dy.CM, Tejaswi Yadav, the dutiful son of Laloo Yadav, was accused of Amassing huge wealth, disappropriate wealth, alongwith his other siblings. Now who does not accuire wealth in politics after gaining a minister post or position?? Is it anything new???. Even Nitesh Kumar and Sushil Modi, the present BJP Dy. CM in Bihar government are also accused of such crimes. Cases are pending against them in various courts. So when Nitesh says that he resigned on moral grounds and on saying of his inner conscience, would anybody believe him???. Till the last elections, he was vary of BJP, and even went to the extent of quoting, that he will not align with a snake like party, and would prefer to die, rather than go along with them. The recent resignation of Mayawati, the BSP supremo, from the Parliament, also created a flutter in the national politics.
Why is BJP poaching on opposition parties specially Congress, by ways of CBI and ED raids? Why not the same raids conducted on much published Vyapam Ghotala of MP, PDS scam in Chattisgarh, DDCA scam in Delhi, where Arun Jaitley is an accused??? Does BJP wants only its party to be in India?? No opposition parties in Parliament. Some MLA ‘s of Congress party changed their loyalty to BJP overnight, forcing the congress party to fly their 44 MLA’s to Bangalore, to avoid further poaching by BJP. As it was in Gujarat, the same was repeated in UP, where on arrival of BJP President, Amit Shah, 4 MLC, switched over from SP to BJP, causing a tremor in the state politics. Rather it would be funny to read, India as largest democracy in the world, without an Opposition. To quote, Julies Caeser “Men at some time are masters of their fate.”
Congress and all other political parties are saying, “Friends, Indians, Countryman, lend me your ears”.
If at this juncture of crucial time, Indian political parties do not get together to form a strong opposition conclave, history will not pardon the nation. Lets all unite to defeat the forces, which are breaking the very edifice of our constitution, Parliament, which our forefathers had fought for from, the Britishers and gained Independence.
by Afzal Ali Shah Maududi, Editor