US Senators apprises UP ASSOCHAM of Tax nd Social Reforms in America

US-Senator-ASSOCHAMUPThe Associated Chambers of Commerce and industry of UP has organised an Interactive session with US Senator Deb Peters & State Representative
Helene M Keeley at Hotel Gomti Lucknow.
Mr. Shailendra Jain President, ASSOCHAMUP welcomed the visiting Senators. Mr. Jain appreciated the efforts made by Senator Deb Peters in Tax reforms.
Mr. Virendra Nath Gupta, Secretary General, ASSOCHAMUP gave brief introduction of ASSOCHAMUP and about the programme and members. Mr. Gupta has also informed on Indian contribution on US and global business. The interactive session was started with an introduction by representative Mr. Robin Bansal, Cultural Representative of U.S. Embasy.
Subsequently Senator Deb Peters introduce herself giving the details of the activities done by her in public life. She shared experience in complex working environment prevailing every corner of the world. Persistent efforts will definitely yield good result. She advocated for low tax structure for grater compliances and also shared her experience as Chair of Senate Appropriate Committee. Her emphasis on creating transparency in working system. She is now President Elect of National Conference of State Legislative.
The State Representative Helene M Keeley has introduced herself and explained on various initiatives on social reforms taken by her social for upliftment of the society.
The members of ASSOCHAMUP have interacted on wide variety of the subject and sought opinion related to tax reform, real estate, labour, appropriation of the fund, technology upgradation, adopting new technology,forsee social & economic changes in the global competitive environment. Both US Senator Deb Peters & State Representative Helene M Keeley shared their views on the issues raised by the members. The interactive session was very lively and participated by many organised.
Mr. Vijay Acharya, Senior Vice President has proposed vote of thanks. Mr. A.K.Gupta, Mr. Ajay Kumar Gupta, Vijay Kumar Chopra, Mr. R.K. Porwal, Mr. Vineet Gupta. Mr. Praveen Kumar, Mr. Vineet Gupta and many other members were present in the meeting.
Afzal Ali Shah Maududi