Bhukkal Nawab refutes all allegations. Will contribute 15 crores towards Ram Mandir

I am ready to go to jail, if proven guilty. Repudiating all allegations against him, Mazhar Ali Khan alias Bhukkal Nawab, MLC said at a heavily attended press conference in Lucknow today on 15th May. He said it was a part of a well planned conspiracy against him and the royal family by a certain H C Verma . He elaborated that he belongs to the royal family of Awadh, his families had jagirs in various cities like Sitapur, Shahjahanpur, Lakhimpurt kheri, Khairabad, Laherpur, and villages of Lucknow like, Jiamau, Ujrion, Takwa-Katauta, (both Gomti nagar) Amausi, Bhetah, chakauli , Mehmudpur etc.. He said that HC Verma had lodged an FIR against him, on the basis of forged papers of Weeding Register, which is Index. dated 4-3-2016. Similar happened in 2010 when SP government was not in power. Hon”ble Revenue Board had asked for old papers vide its letter dated 1374 (RRK) 2010 dated 31st Aug 2010. In his reply, RRK had replied that he had complied with his own handwriting. Now those papers are unreadable and in depleted conditions.
Replying to allegation that he had taken 8 crores from the government, Bukkhal Nawab said that he has not taken any compensation. As per the Hon”ble HC order of MISC Bench NP 1307 0f 2011 order he had received the money. Replying to another allegations that he had constructed illegal 5 storied buildings on waqf land, Bukkal Nawab said that the land in question was purchased from their Daughter-in-law of reputed jewelers of Lucknow, Khun Khunji. Maps was sanctioned by relevant authorities for 3 floors, bur the builders had constructed 2 more floors. He has now requested LDA to charge him with compounding rates the relevant charges. There is no illegality in the construction of the 3 buildings.
Bhukkal Nawab announced that he will be contributing about 15 crores towards construction of Ram Temple, in Ayodhya, alongwith another 10 lakhs for the Mukhath of RamLalla. He and his family had always revered Ram lalla. Hanuman Garhi in Ayodhya was constructed by his Khandaan, including the famous temple in Aliganj, Lucknow.
Afzal Ali Shah Maududi, Editor. Lucknow.