Arrest Tytler Immediately in 1984 Anti Sikh Riots and Other Fraud Cases : Manjinder Singh Sirsa

New Delhi, May 24 : The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) General Secretary Mr. Manjinder Singh Sirsa today demanded immediate arrest of Congress leader and accused of 1984 anti sikh riots cases after his refusal to take on lie detector test and due to his direct involvement in fraud cases.
In a statement released here today, Mr. Sirsa said that as new evidences are coming out against Mr. Tytler he has now realized that his game is now over. He said that his refusal to take on lie detector test has made it ample clear that he himself is aware of his involvement in the 1984 anti sikh riot cases, so he fearing that taking on lie detector test will expose him. He said that Mr. Tytler is forgetting the fact that his involvement in this sikh genocide is a foregone conclusion and it is now only a matter of fact to be proved before the judiciary. He said that though with his influence he had succeeded in getting recommendation for closure of cases against him regarding these riots since long but it was will of god who wants to deliver justice to the sikh community who is awaiting it for the last over 33 years, due to which these cases have been reopened after assuming power by the BJP led NDA government at the centre.
Mr Sirsa said that Tylter and other accused in these riots will have to face the music for their misdeeds and heinous role in instigating the mobs against the Sikhs and their direct involvement in these riots. He said that he was hopeful that sooner than later he will be proved guilty before the courts in these cases and will end up spending his rest of life in jail.
Lashing out at the Congress leader for his latest fraud on passport which the court has seized, Mr. Sirsa said that it was surprising that judiciary itself has found him involved in fraud of getting passport on false affidavits. He said that this is only a tip of iceberg. He demanded that Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) be directed to immediately arrest him and thoroughly interrogate him in riots as well as cases of fraud, a large number of hidden truths will come out and his real face of culprit before the judiciary will be proved with this interrogation.
The DSGMC General Secretary said that sikh community was committed to take these cases against Tytler to their logical conclusion and DSGMC and other sikh bodies will provide whatever help needed to achieve this end.