Anis Ahmed inducted into BSP by Mayawati, Hopes to win Muslim votes

Two days after Naseemuddin Siddiqui was shown the exit door by Mayawati, it was entry for former Minister Anis Ahmed urf Phool Babu. Addressing a heavily attended press conference in Lucknow today, he counter levelled serious charges on his former colleague. Accusing him of obstructing the entry of Muslims in BSP. He said that it would be worthwhile to know how many members did Naseemuddin inducted into the party. Infact he accused him of not bringing into the BSP fold the Nadwa Maulana, Muslims educationist, Barielly, and Moradabad muslims. There are about 18% Muslims in the states.
During his period of ministership, he had arranged big rallies at Moradabad, Barielly, Banaras, Kannauj, Kanpur but was removed from the ministry at the behest of him. He further boosted that he will bring into the BSP party, Muslims from all walks of life, and make it a stronger party for the 2019 elections. Naseemuddin did not give any importance to Muslims, OBC and other BC, in the party but it will be his priority to bring them back to BSP. Accusing Naseemuddin of harming him thru his 200 goons, at a meeting in Moradabad, he managed to complete the function with the help of administration and media persons.
Quoting Maula Ali ( RA), Anis Ahmed said that in his wasiyaat to his son, Maula Ali ( RA) had told him that he should not talk when in anger, secondly, he must not make company of foolish persons, and thirdly he must not do Amanat mei Khayanat. Perhaps he was refereeing to Naseemuddin role in membership ghotala, as mentioned by Mayawati. Dismissing his charge that BSP will finish off, Anis said that BSP is a mission, on the lines of Baba sahib Ambedkar and Kanshi Ram. It is a party of Dalits and Muslims.
Anis Ahmed expressed his gratitude to Mayawati for re-inducting him back into the party and he will try to make it stronger. Praising S C Mishra, he said that he is pillar of the party and he is not corrupt, as alleged by Naseemuddin. Amongst his followers Shakil Ahmed Khan, Atal Singh Jaiswal, M S Faridi, Ansar Khan, Jawed Ahmed, Maulana Dildar, Mukarram Ali attended the press conference.
It is to be seen now, whether Anis Ahmed entry into BSP will make any impact in its prospect in 2019 elections or will he able to bring back Muslims back into its fold.
Afzal Ali Shah Maududi
Editor. Lucknow.