AIMIM launches membership drive in UP.

aimim-membership-driveLucknow, 16th May, 2017: Announcing at an interactive session, today Shaukat Ali the state President of AIMIM, in UP said that the party has started a membership drive from today, in UP. Their target is about 20 lakhs members. Launching a serious attack on BJP, which won with a massive majority in recently concluded election, said it is a Jumla party and misleading with its slogan “ Sub ka Sath , Sub ka Vikas”. Infact minorities are being neglected and persecuted all over the state. The law and order position has gone bad. Attacking the gaurakshakhs, he leveled serious charges against them of attacking minorities. This is forcing muslims of migrating from places like Saharanpur ansd Sambhal. By shutting down the slaughter houses, it has affected economically the minorities, with no alternative livelihood.
Mocking at the proposal of giving Mehar, to Muslim girls, he said that this is the right of the husband, and not anybody else. However, he reminded the Yogi government the example of Telengana government, which is giving 51000/- as gift to each Muslim girls.
He announced that AIMIM, will fight the Municipal and panchayat elections, on party symbol and will win with a majority. He also said that Naseemuddin Siddiqui, who was recently shown the door from BSP, is in touch with our National President, Assaduddin Owaisi. He said that they will honor the judgement of Supreme Court in matter of Babri Maasjid-Ayodya matter. Further that his party will approach Supreme Court regarding the EVM controversy.
Besides Shaukat Ali, Asim Waqar, Tauhid Siddiqui, Shahnawaz Hussain Ali Ahmed, also were present.
Afzal Ali Shah Maududi,