Saeed Naqvi Bats For Independent Media In India At a Seminar In Lucknow.

The book launch of Saeed Naqvi book “ Being the other; Muslims in India” witnessed the author speaking frankly his heart out, to the audience. Lamenting the absence of free Indian Media, unlike the foreign media , he said that  we must expose the corrupt and laid the importance of independent media. Speaking on the occasion he said that “Communalism and secularism are two clichés and they are facing clashes.”

The function was organised in fond memory of Brigadier Mohd. Usman (MVC), who belonged to Azamgarh (UP), and who attained martyrdom on July 3rd, 1948 during the first Indo-Pak war in Kashmir. A seminar on : Role of Muslims in National Integration” was also held. The organisers   were FEED and HEAL India . Noted writer, social worker, and ex-IAS officer Harsh Mander recollected the 2002 Gujarat riots and how the Muslims suffered at the hands of the the then govt and later on were thrown out of their houses. He said that they had constructed houses for the Muslims, with the sharmdan , from both Muslims and Hindus .Cautioning the public he said that we must beware of the sinister designs of the communal forces and defeat their bad designs. He further said that younger generation was already fed up of the present NDA govt.


Saeed Naqvi ,earlier during the day, in his biting best said ,in a press conference at the UP Press club, recollected his 5 decades of his journalist career , and his travel all over the world, meeting various heads of states, President, various leaders like Nelson Mandela, Benazir Bhutto. The most hilarious moment came when he recollected his college days at Kirori Mal College and his class fellow , Amitabh Bachchan. The veteran journalist, television commentator and interviewer, recounted his days during the various wars , he covered like the Gulf War, Indo-Pak wars and his interviews of World known persons like Mandela, Benazir Bhutto, Cuban leader, Fidel Castro , Henry Kissinger, Berezniki, Iranian President Rafsanjani. Speaking on the breakup of the erstwhile Soviet Russia, he said this development brought into front Islamic forces. It was after 1990, that the world faced the emergence of Islamic terrorism.

Narrating his childhood days from Mustafabad village in Rai Bareilly days , to his father, a lawyer by profession,Lucknow High court, Saeed Naqvi said his days at La Martiniere college were the most enjoyable ones, that’s why he decided to have the book launch in Lucknow, and at the hands of the Principal of the College, Carlyn Mcfarland. Exhorting the present day journalist and legal media persons, Saeed said that they must not compromise on the principles of reporting and Facts should be reported. They should be fearless and be not afraid of the days Govt. Recounting his experience with all the Prime Ministers of the country till date,  the fearless journalist, who had started his career as a staff reporter with The Statesman, in New Delhi, in 1964 and rose to become the editor of  Sunday Magazine, said in his biting best that he was under no pressure at any moment of his journalistic career, from any government officials, what so ever. He said that Media should be independent and recalled that media should be like BBC, which is an autonomous body. He also emphasised that corporate world should not interfere in the working of Media and should not try to control it, as in the western world. He shared his experiences of his first job, at The Statesman in New Delhi and how he benefited from its culture and free hand policy. How the loss of Air India , eventually benefited Press.( his first  job interview at Air India, which he did not take up).Saeed Naqvi recalled that it was his interview with the famous BEATLES group, who were visiting the Maharishi Yogi ashram in Rishikesh in 1968, which  brought him fame and international recognition. He also acknowledged the contribution of noted photographer Raghu Rai , during his Beatles write up. It may be recalled that Saeed Naqvi has been awarded “ National Integration award-2003” ,for promoting Peace, Communal Harmony and National Integrity.


Welcoming the elite audience Tariq Khan said it was an honour for their organisation FEED India, to hold the function along with HEAL India. Col. Fasih Ahmed (Retd) threw some light on the bravery and valour of Brig. Usman. Dr. Kauser Usman, one of the organiser, and also from the family of Brig Usman was also present on the occasion.

Syed Afzal Ali Shah Maududi,