Hunger has no religion: This ‘Biryani Baba’ fed over 1 cr poor since 40 years

Vizianagaram: 79-year-old Attaullah Shariff Shataj Khadiri Baba more popular as ‘Biryani Baba’ has been serving biryani for the poor for more than 40 years in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh.

Attaullah Shariff, a respected religious man, effectively continue his guru Khadar Baba’s legacy who passed away 40 years ago.

“I am just providing meals to the needy. With the help of donors and devotees, the programme continues smoothly”, said the Baba.

More than 1,000 people come to seek blessings from him everyday. This number exceed to 8,000-10,000 on special occasions.

On an average day around 2 tonnes of Basmati rice and quintals of chicken and mutton and pure ghee are  used to cook the biryani. For those who want vegetarian food it is also available.

It is served at Langar Khana on the Cheemalapadu Dargah premises. His aim is to serve the poor and it is above religions.

“I don’t believe in religion or castes, I  appeal to the public to help the poor. I believe that  service to humans is equal to service to God,” he said.

-Agency News