A Man With a Mission

Dr Achyuta SamantaKalinga Institute of social Sciences , Bhubaneswar is a favoured destination of political and social celebrities. In a backward state like Odisha KISS Founder Dr Achyuta Samanta has been successful in shaping the carriers of thousands of Tribal children–who once were not getting food once a day. When man decides then it took shapes . That is what Dr Samant visualised years back now Seeing is Believing.

 Odisha KISS-foundationKISS is now invited by UNESCO on 30 May and given 75 minutes to present a success story. If one sees the pic one can only believe. Till now dr Samanta is able to grow 25000 tribal children . The tribal children are now reading, playing and living a happy life . Odisha and India is proud of Dr Samant. But unfortunately neither the state Govt nor the Centre could not offer a single Award from the govt bag for him. Now he don’t need any award as his works are bigger than any award or money. A workaholic bachelor Samanta is a satisfied Man now. May God bless Him for a happy long life.

-by well wisher