“Kitchen Dispensary by NGO Behatar is an unique initiative”- Shri Shyam Jaju

New Delhi, 14 April, 2016: BJP National Vice-President and party’s Delhi in-charge Shri Shyam Jaju praised  “Kitchen Dispensary”, launched by “NGO Behatar” under various programmes organized on the call of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to commemorate 125th birth anniversary of Bharat Ratna Dr B R Ambedkar.

shyam jaju is inagurating scholaroom and motivation centerShri Jaju, while inaugurating place for reading ‘Scholaroom’ and motivational centre at Shalimar Bag recently, said that “Kitchen Dispensary” is a unique and commendable effort. Most of the people do not know that several diseases can be cured by materials found in our homes and our kitchen such as ginger, black pepper, celery, fennel, turmeric, ‘ghiya’ etc. Earlier in joint families, these commodities were used as “Dadi ma ke nuskhe, Nani ma ke nuskhe” and were very useful in cough, fever etc.

Shri Jaju said that these materials are useful even today. “These items have lost their medical importance due to the changing lifestyle of families and women. There is a need to promote these materials again. And NGO Behatar is playing an important role in this regard.

Shri Jaju said that Dr B R Ambedkar dedicated his entire life to uplift of the common man, to provide social justice. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has been working with this commitment to transform life of the common man. The efforts of “NGO Behatar” in this direction are laudable.

Shri Jaju also lauded “NGO Behatar” for providing place for study to children belonging to various sections. This service, which will be provided at nominal fee to those who can afford while the NGO Behatar will arrange fee of those children belonging to economically weaker sections.

‘Scholaroom’, place for study, and Motivational Centre, started at AL Block in Shalimar Bag will not only provide a common  place for children to study but it will also promote brotherhood and feeling of cooperation among the children.

While speaking on the occasion as the Chief Guest, Leader of Opposition in the Delhi Assembly Shri Vijender Gupta also lauded works done by NGO Behatar. This includes a card launched to tackle parking problem.

He said this card (table calendar), which will be provided by NGO Behatar to vehicle owners will help in contacting vehicle owner in case of wrong parking or if the vehicle has remained unlocked. The card has space given to write phone numbers.

Shri Gupta said that this card (table calendar) will not only help in tackling clashes because of parking problem will also help in promoting feeling of friendship. Shri Gupta said that ‘Behatar’ is better by the name itself.

The programme was organized under the chairmanship of Shalimar Bag Councilor Ms Mamta Nagpal. On the occasion, she said that while for 6 days, the centre will work as a place for study; on Sunday it will work as a Motivational Centre where ‘Kitchen Dispensary’, recreational activities for senior citizen different events will be organized on nationalism and patriotism and to instill traditional values among the children.