BJP MP Vitthal Radadiya ‘kicking’ elderly man

A video purportedly showing a Bharatiya Janata Party MP from Porbandar Vitthal Radadiya kicking an elderly man at a religious function has gone viral on social media.

However, Radadiya has denied kicking the person. While talking to reporters last night, he said the man seen in the video was at a religious function where he was “trying to spread superstition”.

The purported video showed Radadiya, in his signature white shirt and trousers, approaching an elderly man sitting in a makeshift tent at the function.

An agitated Radadiya was seen kicking the elderly person who prayed to be spared.

The video also showed Radadiya picking up the man’s belongings and gesturing him to leave the spot.

The video was apparently shot at a religious function held at Jamkandorna in Rajkot district about a week back.

Denying that he kicked the person, Radadiya said he only asked him to leave the place.

Radadiya was earlier at the centre of a controversy in 2012 when a video had gone viral in which he was purportedly seen wielding gun at a toll booth staff at Karjan near Vadodara.

In that video, Radadiya, who was then a Congress MP, was seen coming out of his car with a rifle in his hand and threatening to kill the toll booth staff when he asked for his ID proof.

There are also several police cases registered against him for alleged offences against government officials.