The 803 Urs of Sufi Moinuddin Chisty concludes in Ajmer. Chader offered on behalf of Obama

The 803 Grand URS of Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisty (RA), concluded in Ajmer on 26th April, 2015. After the QUL ceremony was performed there. Lakhs of devotees, who thronged to the dargah from all parts of the country and world, attended the 6 days urs, during which prayers, quran khanis, qawallis were held round the clock in the dargah prescints. The various facilities provided by the Dargah administration in collaboration with the local administration, viz-e viz Collector, SP. He said that Two Vishram Asthalis, where buses are parked has been working full round the clock and an estimated 1500 buses had already arrived, from all parts of the country. At these sites, water, electricity, sanitation and medical facilities have been provided for the pilgrims, free of cost. One such site is Kayar vishram sthali and the other is at Chandvardai nagar, at the foothills of Taragarh fort. A Railway and Roadways booking centre has also been opened in the dargah office, which operates 24 hours, for the pilgrims. Syed Fakr Ibrahim Gaddinashin of Khawja Moinuddin Chisty said that the khadim Anjuman Syedzadgan also makes very wide elaborate arrangements for the pilgrims, besides providing a place to stay, for them at their houses. He said that it is their duty to look after the pilgrims, as they are sincerely coming to perform Haziri at the dargah Besides they also perform all religious duties, at the mausoleum of Garib Nawaz. He further added that “Jannati” darwaza is opened on Chand Raat of Rajab Month, when moon is sighted and that marks the beginning of the officially of URS ceremonies. It closes on 6th afternoon, after Qul ceremony. Ibrahim Faqr also informed that special Chadars on behalf of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Vasundhara Raje Scindia and and The Prime Minister Modi, were presented at the tomb of Gareeb Nawaz, and as their Khadim he had the honour of Guiding all the dignitaries. Chadar on behalf of Sonia Gandhi, was also presented by Sachin Pilot and Salman Khursheed . Chadar on behalf of Rajasthan Governor, Kalyan Singh was also presented. The Pakistani delegation of 500 pilgrims were also present during the Urs and had a pleasant stay there as expressed by some of them from Lahore and Gujrawala. They were all praiseworthy of the efforts of the Govt. for providing all facilities and amenities, to them.
803-Urs-of-Sufi-Moiuddin-ChistOne of the important and highlight of this 803 Urs was the chadar offered on behalf of US President Obama, by Syed Sulaiman Chisty of Chisty Foundation. He was handed over the Chadar by US Ambassador to India. This is the first time any such offering outside the South East Asia was performed, during the URs. He also mentioned that Some students of Harvard University will also be visiting the Dargah of the Holy Saint to present a Chadar , at the mausoleum. Qawallis are held for 5 nights and on 6th morning, at the Mehfil Khana, which was constructed by Nizam Hyederabad. Qwallis form an important part of the Sufi rituals. A symposium was also held at the mehfil Khana, on the Life and Teachings of Khawaja Moinuddin Chisty. A book by Syed Humza Chisty was also released on the occasion. Prominent Muslim scholars Syed Mohsin Chisty, Syed Farid Idris Maharaj werte also present on the occasion.
Khawaja Garib Nawaz was a scholar a great repute. He interpreted the true Islamic message of love for mankind and through that, the love for the Almighty creator. He preached the Quranic philosophy of the unity of religion and worked out its potentialities for the whole humanity. Sufi Saint Khawaja Muinuddin Chisti was the greatest mystic of his time. He laid the foundation of the liberal Chishti order of Sufis in India.
Qutubuddin Baktiyar Kaki (d. 1235) and Hamiduddin Nagori (d. 1276) were Moinuddin Chishti’s celebrated Khalifas or successors who continued to transmit the teachings of their master through their disciples, leading to the widespread proliferation of the Chishti Order in India. Among Qutubuddin Baktiyar’s prominent disciples was Fariduddin Ganj-i-Shakar (d. 1265), whose dargah is at Pakpattan, Pakistan. Fariduddin’s most famous disciple was Nizamuddin Auliya’ (d. 1325) popularly referred to as Mahbûb-e-Ilahi (God’s beloved), whose dargah is located in South Delhi.
The line of Hazrat-e-Sayed-e-na Khwaja Gharib Nawaz (the sustainer of the poor) Hasan Sanjari on the visit to Madeenah Munawwara received the honor of being called Moinuddin (helper of faith) from the King of Madeenah, the Leader of the Prophets, the Enlightened Prophet and was ordered to go to Ajmer for the sake of preaching the religion. Hence, Sayyed-e-na Sultan-ul-Hind (king of India) Khwaja Gharib Nawaz came to Ajmer Sharif. Due to his preaching large number of people started embracing Islam in large number.
The Hindu ruler over there, Prithvi Raj, started getting very much irritated by this. Hence, he prepared his most dangerous and Terrifying Magician Ajay Pal jogi to battle with Khwaja Gharib Nawaz Ajay pal jogi, along with his disciples went to Khwaja Sahib. After seeing the agitation of the Muslims Huzoor Gharib Nawaz formed a fort (hisar) around the Muslims and ordered that no Muslim should go out of this fort. On the other hand, the magicians started pouring water, fire and pelting stones with their magic power, but all these attacks were of no use once they reached the fort.
Now, with the help of magic, they made thousands of snakes come down from the mountain and go towards Khwaja Sahib and the Muslims, but as soon as they reached the fort they died. When the disciples failed, their teacher, the terrifying magician ajay pal jogi, started showing different tricks due to magic. But on reaching close to the fort everything used to vanish. After he failed to do anything he got very angry and he tossed his Dear-skin in the air and sat on it and flew very high in the air. The Muslims got confused that who knows what sort of trouble will he create from up there.
Gharib Nawaz smiled on this action of his. He signaled His blessed shoes. On receiving the signal they also flew very fast, chasing the Magician. And in no time they reached up and started beating on his head. He started descending as He received those hits. He came down ashamed and fell down at the feet of King Gharib Nawaz and then repented from the Hindu philosophy and became Muslim. He received the Islamic name Abdullah from Him, and he received great attention from Khwaja Sahib and attained a grand rank in the sainthood ship, and became famous by the name of Abdullah Biyabani. Gareeb Nawaz had 3 sons and 1 daughter, from his two wives. His eldest son is buried in Sarwar Sherief, 65 km from Ajmer.
One of the most revered sayings of Moinuddin Chisty(RA) is : Shah Ast Hussein Badshah Ast Hussein Ruler is Hussain, Emperor is Hussain Deen Ast Hussein Deen Panah Ast Hussein Faith is Hussain , guardian of faith is Hussain Sar dad na daad dast dar dast e yazeed Offered his head and not the hand to Yazid Haqaaq e Binaa e Laa iLaha Ast Hussein Indeed, Hussain is the foundation of La-ilah (the declaration that none but God is Absolute and Almighty).
Afzal Ali Shah Maududi, (Incidentally the writer is from the family of Great grand peer of Khawaja Moinuddin Chisty (RA)) ie Khawaja Maudud Chisty (RA)