Medha awards Graduation degrees to students in Lucknow

“We knew that our students needed something to help them succeed in their careers and life, but we didn’t know exactly what that was. Medha has filled that gap and I can see the change in our students after just 15 days. We are extremely thankful to Medha for that,” said Dr. Manorama Singh, Regional Director, IGNOU Lucknow. She was addressing a gathering at the graduation ceremony of 29 BCA/MCA students who completed an intense, 15-day Career Advancement Bootcamp (CAB) offered by Medha.
Sharing his experiences and advice for the students as they embark on their careers, Medha’s Co-Founder Christopher Turillo said “all our professional lives will have ups and downs like a roller-coaster, it’s important to recognize this and put things in perspective, and continue to enjoy the process of building your career.” He also said that Medha greatly appreciated the opportunity to work with IGNOU students and were inspired and motivated by their passion, drive, and sincerity.
During the ceremony, Medha students presented on their experiences in the program, performed a short comedy routine, and gave out gifts to the Medha team. All 29 graduating students will complete internships with leading companies in January/February.
Medha works to better prepare India’s youth for life after school by providing employability training, life skills, and placement services to existing students on campus. Medha is a registered not-for-profit company in India under section twenty-five of the Companies Act, 1956, and a 501(c)(3) public charity in the US.
Afzal Ali Shah Maududi, Bureau Chief Lucknow