An Interactive Presentation on Neuro Degenerative Diseases held at Madhuban, Delhi

Poorvi Delhi RWA’s Joint Forum in association with Dharma Foundation of India and Delhi Senior Citizens Welfare Association  arranged an interactive presentation on neuro degenerative diseases at  joint forum’s president Mr K K Ghei residence at Madhuban Delhi on Saturday, 18th may 2014.


Dr Alakananda Banerjee president of Dharma Foundation of India spoke in details on mild cognitive impairment in the elders. The session was based on understanding symptoms of mild cognitive impairments and dementia.  It was briefed that these symptoms are not well understood by public as an elder having these problems may not discuss them with their family and friends. Understanding these symptoms and taking help of a neurologist can improve their quality of life. Mild cognitive impairments may be starting point of Alzheimer’s. Prevention of these disorders may be possible with a proper lifestyle schedule which includes proper diet, physical activity and social engagements.
The presentation was attended by about 30 elders who raised various questions on the subject and Dr Banerjee clarified these  to their satisfaction during interactive session.

By S L Watwani
Adviser, Dharma Foundation of India
Vice President, Delhi Senior Citizens Welfare Association
Media Co-ordinator, Efforts Group