Dreams are language of Universe

By Santosh Gaur

A dream shows the path & biggest tools to realize the mission of life. Optimism is the only source of supreme victory. But it must base on pure principles of your true teachings. With continues flow of human revolution including compassion and wisdom we can achieve unbelieving capacity.

Mahatma Gandhi Said, “I remain optimistic not that there is evidence I can give that right is going to prosper but because of my unflinching faith the right must prosper in the end.” The way of achieving your dream must be based on pure humanistic teachings without war and complete faith on true aim, the courageous and collective practical actions based on daily lives.

The person who knows the mission is great those who walk with disciplines of his life can achieve boundless victories one by one. Swami Vivekananda said “What you are is only manifestation of what you think, if you feel yourself powerless you will become powerless, if you feel yourself capable you become capable.” The way of achieving success is karma with compassion and wisdom.  He said “We reap what we sow; we are the makers of our own fate. No one else has to blame, none has to praise.”

Peoples have dream but few dreams are nightmare and few are sweet, Reality always test the faith so it comes in opposite and negative form for the peoples who have night mare, our thoughts are very much stored in subconscious mind this is called the store house of karma.

The famous scientist Alexander Graham bell says “I don’t know what is to be called as which helps us to accomplish our desired goal. I just know that it is very much present in its own form and always exists with the universe.”

The true way of realizing the dreams is our each single step towards the same, our universe has open door to achieve victories but we must have dreams and our goal must be great.