Religion and Politics

Religion exists to realise peace. The utter inability to ignore a person in pain-this fiery compassion encapsulates the spirit of Buddha, Jesus Christ and of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). They themselves reach to the people suffering in pain, extending them the hand of hope: they shared in others’ suffering, in their sorrows and tears.

We must return to this love of humanity exemplified by the founders of the great faith. And we must cause rivers of love to wash over this Earth devastated by the burning winds of hatred.

Religion exists to enable people to live in peace. Why it, then that is throughout history religion seems to have ignited conflicts? This is and has fundamental question for humanity? Religion must never be exploited for political ends.

There is saying that “even the devil can quote the Bible” People who want to use religion for their own ends simply select those parts of the sacred texts that suit their purpose. And even when the teachings of the founder of the faith are perfectly clear, people will ‘interpret’ those to suit their needs.

by Santosh Gaur, ISMATIMES